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Cielosim KJAX

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For anybody who is using the Cielosim KJAX scenery in P3D v4.x, I created a custom GSX Level 2 configuration that replaces the bland default CTRL+J jetways with GSX SODE jetways. The jetways have gate numbers, airline logo's on the jetway tunnel, and ground markings with grease and oil stains.

The jetways at the real KJAX don't have logo's or ground markings, but I think these kind of spice things up at the airport, and the SODE jetways themselves are a big improvement over the default ctrl+j ones.

I'll be happy to share it if anyone wants a copy of this custom GSX config for Cielosim KJAX, just PM me.

I also have custom GSX L2 SODE jetway configs for the following RFSB airport's...... 

 KOKC Oklahoma City, LIMF Turin Caselle, LIPZ Venice Mrco Polo, and LJLJ Ljubljana Slovenia.



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Just an idea -- you should upload this on the FSDT GSX sharing subforum....

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