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Logitech X56 HOTAS RGB (Right throttle moves by it's own)

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Hello guys,

just purchased this gadget 3 weeks ago as a replacement for an older flightstick that died (RIP).

Although the throttle requieres some force to move, the right handle alway moves foreward on it's own.

To understand better: I wanted to use the 2 throttles independant from eachother. At normal cruise (e.g. in CLB position on the Airbus), both handles are pushed foreward (center of gravity lies towards the front). In this position the right handle will slowly but continously move towards the front (I presume it's because it's own weight...). If I increase the tension so that it does' nt move anymore, the throttles are so hard to move that I have to bolt the unit to my desk...

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Gerald K. - Germany

Core i7 4790 / ASUS H87-PRO / MSI GTX 970 / 16 Gb RAM Corsair Vengeance 1600 / 24" Full HD.

WIN 10 HOME 64 + P3D v4 + GEP3D + UTX Europe + FS Global Ultimate NG + ORBX Trees HD + ASP4 + ASCA/SF3D + ENVTEX + ENVSHADE + GSX + EZCA + (EnvForce).

"Flightstick" = X56 HOTAS RGB Logitech

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