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Many years ago I bought the Abacus FSrepaint, and enjoyed using in with FSX.  Moverd over to P3D and found I had to got through the conversion process with DXTBMP - a great program. A couple weeks ago I went on a hunt for a 3rd party program - like FSrepaint - that would work with P3D. Found one; an updated FSRe[aint created by the developer that built the original sold by Abacus. Been using it these past few days, and what a wonder. It really works. If your interested in looking at it, and I'm not working for anyone to get this out, you can find it  here.

There's a notice, written in red, letting you know it will be up to 24 hours - once your buy it- before you get your download and registration. True story but it happened. Got an email the next day with everything on it. 




Ken Alger

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