P3d 4.5 is out!

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On 4/13/2019 at 7:37 AM, Cruachan said:

Hi Steve,

I agree, by following your sequence of steps that hallowed ‘clean install’ will be achieved whilst ensuring the preservation of original data. However, this does beg the question: ‘Why?’ After all, LM have gone to great lengths to provide us with an alternative method which is sufficiently flexible as to satisfy most user needs. Do we not trust their installers/uninstallers? Do we have so little faith in our computers to accomplish tasks like this accurately and with a high degree of reliability? If so, then why should we be trusting our computers to handle anything at all for us? If we stand by this logic then there is no reason to believe that the main setup executable will prove to be any more successful in achieving an installation that is free from corruption.

Not trying to be provocative, and I can certainly understand why a clean installation would be a mandatory requirement for any Developer. Also, it can be a necessary step towards helping to resolve issues that have hitherto seemed intractable. 

My method is somewhat similar to yours, but relies more on confidence that LM’s uninstallers/installers will fulfil their intended tasks without errors:

  1. All Add-ons are disabled via the Prepar3D UI (also see 5.)

  2. Default shaders are restored (PTA or Tomato Shade users).

  3. Prepar3D.cfg, Scenery.cfg, terrain.cfg, add-ons.cfg, (AppData\Local) Calibration.xml are backed up and then original files deleted.


  5. (AppData) DLL.XML, dll.xml, (ProgramData) EXE.XML and exe.xml are backed up.

  6. Each of the above files is opened in Notepad++ and all Addons are rendered inactive by changing the ‘False’ entries to ‘True’.

  7. Backup any preferred legacy aircraft that have been restored in v4.4 and found to be working (Probably unnecessary as they are likely to be ignored by the v4.4 Client uninstaller). I’ve yet to test this step as I’m still on v4.4.

  8. Check accuracy of the Prepar3D v4.5 zip download by verifying the MD5 values match. Unpack the zip archive.

Now, I’m ready to:

  9. Uninstall P3D Client, System Restart, Install Client update and TEST.

10.  Uninstall P3D Content, System Restart, Install Content update and TEST.

11. Uninstall P3D Scenery, System Restart, Install Scenery update and TEST.

10. Then I run FTX Central 3 and allow it to do its stuff, which includes the addition of ORBX specific terrain.cfg entries. 

11. Reinstall FTX Global BASE pack and Global Trees HD.

12. Run a compare on the new Prepar3D.cfg with the backup from v4.4 and update the new file as appropriate.

13. Reinstate Scenery.cfg from v4.4 (keep a backup of the new default if you like).

14. Start the process of re-enabling the Add-ons (see steps 1. and 6.) and I would begin with FSUIPC. This can take a while as it is dependent on when each product is confirmed as being v4.5 compatible, either from the word go or via an update (which may or may not require a reinstallation of a product) from each Developer.

This method seems to have served me well throughout the 4.x point release updates.

Best regards,


Praise *******, Hallalujah, happy hannukah, praise be to Allah, mudita - THIS WORKED! This post should be a sticky. I followed it step by step, and everything worked like a charm.

Many thanks to Cruachan and Steve!

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On 4/14/2019 at 8:24 PM, Bert Pieke said:

I went from 4.4. to 4.5. (Client only) by following Poppets instructions..

1. Uninstall 4.4. Client - do NOT deactivate the P3D install

2. Delete Shaders folder (or its contents)

3. Install the 4.5. Client, and be patient when starting up P3D.. it needs to rebuild the shaders.

That is it!  :wink:



Thanks Bert.  No mention of the "shaders" folder on LM's instructions. What's the reason for deleting/rebuilding? 

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1 minute ago, neil0311 said:

Thanks Bert.  No mention of the "shaders" folder on LM's instructions. What's the reason for deleting/rebuilding? 

This is actually mentioned and allows P3D to rebuild these for the new release.

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