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Use of METAR file

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Hi Dave,

I use X-Plane to practice various weather conditions and thus set manual weather  conditions for practicing cross-wind landings, etc.   In order to accomplish this,  I have to jump through a number of hoops:

  1. Setting X-Plane to use NOAA to create a METAR.rwx since when using a manual weather setting does not apparently do anything with that file.
  2. Manually editing the METAR.rwx to reflect the weather settings manually configured in the simulator.   This is a tedious process simplified a little by using the VIM editor.  (I am considering writing a METAR editor to simplify this process but would rather spend my time flying rather than coding.)
  3. Setting P2A to get its weather "From the Sim" seems to work reasonably but there is still some disagreements between P2A and X-Plane (e.g. runway in use) but I am at least able to mostly make it work.

Is there a less cumbersome way to go about this?   It seems that "real weather" is the only straight-forward way to go which is fine most of the time but for specific training situations it is not very easy to do.


thanks much!


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The Get Weather from SIM or other weather engines is the solution, so you're doing it right.

Once X-Plane picks the runway for AI traffic, you can set the runway for the departure airport in the SID selection window without selecting a SID or IFR Flight Plan.  Be sure you also have the option to "Force Pilot Runway Selection" checked in the FltPln tab of config.


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Ah, didn't think to look in the SID section for runway selection.   Good to know!

Thank you for fielding all my questions.   You are fantastic support!

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