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P3D V4.4 and duet

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I tried to get duetdisplay running on P3D V4.4 in order to get the Flight1 GTN750 running but the touch screen does not work in P3D V4.4. Every other program I tried worked. I can arrange me using it with the mouse but would of course prefer touch screen. The touch screen works up until loading scenario.Did anybody have a clou what the problem could be? Any help would bei much appriciated. Thanks.

Regards Robert

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Hellow again

I had contact with the duet support and they answered that it's a matter of hardware acceleration of P3D, but it wasn't. This is my answer to the duet support.

"It wasn’t a matter of acceleration. I have to start duetdispaly in administrator mode, then it works. Every window of the P3D simulator with input works by touch only the one I wanted not. It’s an issue with this addon window and duet I assume. I got it working with another app which runs in Wifi mode only for flying with this window but I’d prefer duet because of the lag. This app installs its own display driver. It took me 2 Nights to figure it out. Duet is working and its registering the touch but it does not transfer the input to the program and makes a strange sound by touching. At least I can use the mouse to input but I’d prefer touch as it is in real flying."

Regards Robert

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Since no one is answering, I post my final thoughts.

The last thing I tried was a new iPad and it didn't make any difference. My old one is about 10 years old. I give up on that issue. I have a solution for the GTN 750, tough it is not the one I wanted. Luckily the GTN 750 has large Buttons which is good for input by Wifi. What exactly the Problem is I don't know. It could be many things, simple or complicated. Now it's time for flying not for spending nights searching for errors. P3D V4.4 works to my satisfaction now and I will not touch 4.5 until most of the problems with addons are solved and updated.

Sorry bothering you.

One last thing. The setup is not tested by flying. In German there is a saying: It could be all for the cat 😉. I am not German but German speaking. Swiss.

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After reading a post about posting a solution I post my solution for the GTN 750. I had to try it first by flying bevore posting it. The app i found for the iPad is called "Twomon". It works only by Wifi. If you are not using GTN 750 duet works perfectly.

Cheers Robert

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I have the RealityXP GTN 750 working on my USB wired Ipad with Duet and touch works fine. I think I started Duet in admin mode.

I only have one problem: when I disconnect the Ipad, or its battery is empty, my Duet display disappears in windows monitor settings ( I have 3 other monitors connected), and then my main display turns 90 degrees to a  lying portrait mode (no not landscape): taskbar is then running from bottom to top on right part of the screen AND everything on its side. Very annoying! And difficult with this orientation to correct te screen orientation on display settings.

René Feijen

Prepar3DV4 | I5-9600K | 16 GB DDR4 3000 mhz |  MSI RTX 2070 Armor 8GB  | 3 monitor setup for touchscreen RXP GTN 650 and 750 - VC - map display TIR5

IVAO member 471465

ASP3DV4 REX SF3D A2A C178 Bonanza ORBX many! EZCA V3 Simstarter NG

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