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Dark, blacker, the blackest - shader problems

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Dear All,

I got very dark textures of my aircraft and AI traffic during a night:


1. I tried solve the problem using the reflection profiles. The result:


I installed different profiles (R&D, default), as well as I tried P3D v4.3 and 4.4. I conducted clean instalation of Windows 10 64bit and P3D v4.5. Always the same problem. My P3D settings is copied from live-cocpits (dynamic lights is on). 

2. I restored default shaders. Everything looked good. Than I used Tomatoshade, version 26, 27, 28... profiles from R&D, default bright and many others. Always the same result - completly black screen, no world, no scenery and no aircraft, even in the preview (photo bellow):


3. I used PTA v2.65 (and earlier versions). Everything works, but it hasn't solved my issue with dark textures during a night.

Please, help me!

Why I can't use Tomatos shade? Any idea?

GTX1080 and the last driver.




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Sorry, cannot help. But that is one of the reasons I've abandoned shader tweaks on my P3D install. Another was that PMDG reported that shader tweaks may interfere with PBR on their models.

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- Harry J.

i7-7820X (@4.8 GHz), 32GB RAM (@3467) 2080Ti (3440x1440), SSD 500GB, (Win10x64),  SSDs 1+2 TB (P3Dv5.x + ORBX). FSGlobalNG (mesh), ORBX (Global+OLC, all FTX Regions, all TE products, many Airports), DDscenery (NY, CH, MIA), Airports (FT, FB, FSDT, AS); PMDG (737, 747, 777), MJC DQ400, RA Piston Duke, A2A C172. Weather ASP5. F1 GTN complete. AI Traffic: AIG OCI




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I've used shaders, because the dark textures issue. I'm just looking for the solution for the problem. Now I can't fly during a night :(

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Eureka! I successfully installed tomatoshade with reflection profiles.

Solution: I installed P3D  v4.5 on my laptop and than copied all instalation files form P3D main folder. Probably an addon changed some settings as a result shaders didn't work. Now aircrafts are not black during the day and tomato shade works well. 


However... I still don't see my aircraft during a night.... HELP!


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1) Make sure you've applied a reflection profile to the plane(s) in question, with the Reflection Maker.

2) Make sure you've enabled "Dynamic Reflections" after enabling a plane profile, at least to "Low"

3) Make sure you don't have URP (Ultimate Realism Pack) installed, as that interferes.

If you just want to use TomatoShade's visual functions but not reflections, disable all the entries under "Advanced Reflections" and don't apply any profiles to the planes. Then you won't have to deal with it. Plus, if you're using PBR planes, you don't really need it.


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8700K Delid @ 5GHz | G.Skill 32GB DDR4 @ 3600MHz | MSI 1080 Ti Sea Hawk X | Windows 10 Pro (2004) | Monitors: LG 27UK650 / Acer XB270HU

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Thank you for reply.

I've never used URP. I restored reflection profiles (back to default) in Reflection Maker. I used default ShadersHLSL and deleted Shaders in AppData/Local. I tried many airports and aircrafts (default models, my PMDG 777, AI traffic).


The result is still the same as posted above regardless of using or not using tomatoshader / PTA. Totally black textures of all aircrafts in all settings. I set HDR Brightness 2 and aircrafts are also black, but now I can see some paint details 

Please, help.




I completely uninstalled my P3D, deleted all related files (AppData, Roaming, Local, Documents, Regedit). I installed P3D 4.5, set night, default F-22 and KJFK. The result bellow (all default settings). As I remember, I always got the issue. This is a reason, why I never fly at night:


After performed a new installation of P3D, the old problem is back. Using any shader (PTA, Tomato) results black screen and no aircraft in preview (as in the screen in the first post of this topic).

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OK, now I know what exactly the problem is ...
Artificial light doesn't illuminate my aircraft (and AI aircraft).


I'm looking for a solution. Please, help me.


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