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The other B777 SIM - CS B777

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I know many of you are used to flying the perfect PMDG 777. But, I found this CS B777 lurking in my archive that I'd not noticed since my return to SIM on FSX-SE. I see a note with it that I'd purchased this one, a few years ago, during one of CS's "flash" SALES (which typically, I forget, lasts just for 12 or 24 hours(?)), and which SALE, almost always I miss i.e. by the time I come to know of it, it's already over! I think I recently missed one such (CS) SALE noted/posted on The Bargain Hunter's Shack here. In any case, I installed this aircraft today on FSX-SE and gave it a test-flight (after some minimum mandatory study of the supportive documentation). I also managed to do a cold & dark start-up.

Captain SIM (since founded in 1999) have been producing quality add-ons as long as I can remember - contributing a great deal of enjoyment to our SIM experience, along with, what I think, consistently good supporting documentation for their products. Since a long time, their 727/737 classics (out of all my SIMs) remain my personal favorites, which I make every effort to fly once in a while (and for both of which I'd posted my first flight reports from FSX-SE). I also understand CS have been lately making efforts to make some of their well-known jet-liners (if not all) available on P3DV4, but, please do check specific details on their website for the latest news.

Now, regarding B777: This series of aircraft (1st flight in June 1994) has been a highly regarded and very successful airliner. It had epitomized ETOPS operations, and has consistently proved its extended range capabilities and reliability for the operators. For the 1st time in Boeing's history, eight major airlines (the so-called "Working Together Group") had played an active role in its development. The 200LR variant (Note "L" stands not for "Long", but "Longer"), held the distinction/record for the longest non-stop (commercial) flight, for a twinjet, over a significant period of modern aviation. Of course, with the latest A350/B777X, if you wish, you can check their range details yourself, but, the A350 ULR (Ultra Long Range), currently, already in service with Singapore Airlines, has an incredible range of 9700 nautical miles (i.e. over 10,000 statute miles)...note, for fun, that the Earth has a circumference of about 25,000 miles...and the Los Angeles to Singapore distance is 8800 miles...

I've travelled in B777 (mostly United) several times including my only 16+ hour non-stop flight in it. My last travel was in the Emirates B777. So, out of my own curiosity, I've picked the Emirates livery for this post. However, please excuse this incongruity here, for my 1st test flight of CS-B777, I've flow it on a short trip from KABQ (Albuquerque - hard to spell!) to KDEN (Denver) over my MSE scenery. The CS777, performed flawlessly (from Takeoff to Touchdown) with its LNAV/VNAV etc. operating, within my limited knowledge, as expected. And, most importantly, contrary to some of my recollections of CS aircraft from FSX days, this plane, here on FSX-SE, provided a smooth (and freeze-free) flight (even on my moderate system)...I should surely find time to fly this nice plane more often...Hope you enjoy these images of this trailblazer (and large!) twinjet plane along with a few dusk scenes of the (MSE) Rockies over Colorado...And, have a good rest of the Easter weekend! [CS(777),MSE,REX]





















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Great looking set of the 777!

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