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The A340 Part 16 - Long Return & Short Hop

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Following on from my previous post (here), I'm about to return to Madrid on the IBE6856, the A346 does do this route but not this flight (it did when I actually did the flight but that was ages ago) these days they use an A350 and the A340 does the later one.

We leave at 1:25 in the afternoon and arrive 6:20am the next day.

Parked up with the usual suspects here in EZE

As we push back, out of the window you can see the international carriers, same usual suspects though.

Some orangy blue KLM hybrid monstrosity landing as we taxi out.

Some wing shots after take off


Climbing away from the weather with the suburbs of Buenos Aires below

Passing Rio

After a decent amount of black nothing we arrive on the Iberian peninsula and make our way towards Madrid.

Wing shot on the approach

On final approach, the Wilco adopting it's trademark kamakazi attitude on the approach.

From here I just had 2 A346 operators to do (excluding Mahan Air as I couldn't find a repaint), Virgin and South African. It just so happens that Iberia run it's A346's to Heathrow, the home of the Virgin A346's, serendipitous indeed, so here I am as the IBE3166, leaving Barajas in the mid afternoon arriving in LHR a little later that afternoon. With the formation of IAG Iberia and BA rationalised many routes and the LHR-MAD was certainly one of them. Iberia also have the delights of LHR T5 as well.

Parked up in a busier daytime Madrid T4S.

Taxiing out to 36L.

Pax view just after take off

Busier European skies, that's a TAP A321 in the background.

Channel Islands

Isle of Wight

An obligatory hold over Ockham (well, it is Heathrow)

Wing view on the approach, I managed not to OOM here but, my word, it was a slideshow.

Hmmm, who owns this terminal I wonder...

Parked next to another IAG interloper.

So the plan from here is to take a Virgin A346 to JFK and from there, SAA run their A346's direct to Jo'burg.



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A346 is such a long (but nice and sleek looking) plane...I've taken the LH A346 a couple of times, before LH started using 747-8's from/via Frankfurt...

And, I was aware of this new Iberia livery, but had not seen it here too often....more used to the older/classic livery....

Nice route and shots...Thanks for posting...

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20 hours ago, iwebber said:

Some orangy blue KLM hybrid monstrosity landing as we taxi out.

Not a triple 7 fan then? :biggrin: Wonderful set of screenshots, sir! :cool:

Mark Robinson

"What's it doing now?"

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