hello, a new idea...thanks!

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Hi. I write because I would love to propose an idea for PSXSeecontraffic.
I was thinking that perhaps there could be an option in the UI that would make that landing planes that disappear (realtraffic does not perceive them), could continue landing and going to a free gate.

In this way, the disappearances of artificial air traffic planes that happen because of lack of transponders can be replaced by a basic but effective behavior. Also those small airports where airplanes disconnect the signal on the ground. I know that it is easy to propose ideas and more complicated to make them real but ... I was excited to share it!
Thank you very much once more for this beautiful program that gives life to the airports where I fly.

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Thanks for thinking about new features an sharing that with us. 

Unfortunately your idea is not easy to implement while PSXT has no notion at all of how the airport looks like. It does not know where the runways and taxiways are. It only knows one central  lat/lon coordinate of the airport itself and the lat/lon coordinates of the parking positons. 

However, even if it would know that info I would not implement it because PSXT is about live traffic. The thrill of the program is that an aircraft in your sim represents a real live aircraft that is at that position in real live (-30 seconds)! With canned AI traffic I (you?)  do not have that sensation. 

Note that there are many airports where aircraft do keep their transponder on. I recommend to fly from/to those airports.


PS  There are options in RT and/or in the UI to switch off ground traffic so you could combine PSXT with other AI programs.

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thanks for your answer!

i hope someday, all planes, little and bigger, can have their transponder always ON until arrived at gate. 

i will not switch off ground traffic, i love to feel that plane is real and is moving NOW, at the same time im moving in my PC.

thanks again! holds


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