cannot select procedure in GNS 530

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my Mindstar GNS 530 for FSX Steam - windows 10

will not select  a procedure.

while setting letters for the ID they keep changing

to an nearby airport but still unable to select a procedure.

i cannot delete the GNS because i get an box telling me

i don't have permissions to access msiexec.exe .

could id get some help with this please?


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You did not provide a clear description of the steps you have taken so I am having to guess at a couple of things.

  1. Press the PROC key to display the Procedures Page.
  2. Turn the outer right knob to highlight "Select Approach?", "Select Departure?" or "Select Arrival?" and press ENT.
  3. The Airports Page displays with the cursor visible in the procedure ID field.  Turn the inner right knob and a window will pop up with the list of available procedures.  Rotate the inner right knob to highlight the desired procedure and press ENT.
  4. Turn the inner right knob to select the desired transition and press ENT.
  5. If there is flight plan loaded, you will be presented a choice to either load or activate the procedure.  Use the outer right knob to highlight the desired choice and press ENT. If there is no flight plan loaded, activate will be highlighted and press ENT.

I can change the airport ID without issue, so am not certain why you would be unable to change it if desired.  I do not understand the part about deleting the GNS and msiexec.exe.  That has nothing to do with selecting a procedure in the 530.

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this is not a how to problem.

i have been using the GNS 530 for a number of years.

the problem is that the GNS 530 loads in the aircraft okay

and i can select say an ILS approach for the current airport

but cannot select any other airport or procedure

by selecting PROC after that.

about deleting the GNS 530, i was going to delete the software

and start again but my system will not allow that as i get

the permissions to access msiexec.exe problem.

i have backtracked trying to find what might have

interfered with the GNS. i had installed FSUIPC but have

disable it and have installed OrbX for Australia which

i think changed Objectflow.dll but i have not installed anything

else into this Steam FSX except a few small scenery addons.


UTC +10

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After you select PROC, using the outer knob you can highlight the APT field and then using the inner knob change the airport ID.  I have tested it and it functions as expected.  Do you have any other GPS type addons added into the aircraft's panel?

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Posted (edited)

i have Little Navmap but it does not need installing

just works from a unzipped folder. i am not using it

while testing the GNS.

i load FSX to Williamtown NSW, slew a few miles out.

when i select PROC the APT field is YMND [Maitland, NSW]

[it is a nearby airport] and APT field cannot be changed

by the usual methods.



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I have loaded a 172 with our GNS 530 in at YMND.  I have selected PROC.  I have moved the cursor to the APT field and then using the inner knob I have changed the YMND to YWLM without issue.  At that point the approaches for YWLM were available.  If this is not possible on your system, there is siomething on your system interfering with the GNS.  To determine what the problem is will require a remote support session.  For that please contact our tech support via email at support (att) mindstaraviation (dot com).

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Posted (edited)

thank you once again for your precise support.

i have been checking my way of working with the GNS.

sometimes i am able to select whatever i want and then from a different place i am not.

as i write this and work with the GNS everything i do is working fine except for one select of VECTORS for Maitland  RNAV which blurred out. i retried the procedure and it was selected okay. so i will hold on the tech support until i have a more consistent errors.

as far as Little Navmap goes, it uses a Navigraph database and is the best moving map i have seen. the Mindstar GNS does not like working with it but that is okay. one cannot be greedy in one's GPS usage.

thanks again Ed, i will let you know if i get consistent errors with the GNS.



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