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The Lancaster - an unforgettable icon of WW II

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Last week, I'd picked up this JF aircraft from their SALE. If one is an aviation fan, the Avro Lancaster Bomber needs no introduction (especially if you are a military enthusiast...and I know there are a few here). I'm a bit of an aviation fan myself, but not that much into military...I'm yet to make use of any ordnance capability that comes standard with some of the fighter aircraft I occasionally fly...e.g. as I'd noted before, when (and if) I ever get the "incomparable SIM" DCS MiG-21, if I could, I would probably fly it first, on an evening "stroll", between Chicago and Indianapolis...🙂...At the same time, I do enjoy sightings of military classics such as Messerschmitts and Spitfires, whenever they appear here in the forum...

Anyway back to the Lancaster: first of all, I have rarely seen such a detailed Wiki description of a military aircraft as for this one...likely written by someone who has done extensive research on (and has impressive knowledge of) this aircraft. And, moreover, has a great deal of "love" for it! So, if you wish, I would let you read the details about this aircraft in all its glory (there in the Wiki or/and elsewhere on the internet), but a few salient points about this iconic aircraft are here in order:

  1. It first saw service with RAF Bomber Command in 1942 and as the cornerstone of the strategic bombing offensive over Europe, it was the main aircraft for the intensive and highly successful night-time campaigns that followed.
  2. If one wishes to explore its origin and history, here are two names (both military engineers), that must go alongside it: (a) Roy Chadwick (b) Barnes Wallis.
  3. Also, some of the keywords/terms, associated, for ever, with this aircraft are as follows, again, mentioned here, only if you wish to explore them further: (a) Operation Chastise (b) Film - The Dam Busters (c) Operation Robinson (d) Cookies and Grand Slams (e) Operation Manna (f) Eagle's Nest (now an uncommon and unique "tourist" attraction of travel).
  4. In spite of being somewhat of a behemoth, the Lancaster possessed favorable flying characteristics, having been described as being: "a near-perfect flying machine, fast for its size and very smooth...such a delightfully easy aeroplane to fly...there are instances of Lancasters having been looped and barrel-rolled, both intentionally and otherwise...".
  5. Rarely, an aircraft garners the admiration of its adversaries. It was one such aircraft. Commander Galland of the Luftwaffe fighters, considered the Lancaster to be "the best night bomber of the War", as did his adversary, Arthur "Bomber" Harris, who referred to it as the RAF Bomber Command's "Shining sword".
  6. Post-war, Lancasters were used as test-beds for the (newer) state-of-the-art aircraft engines, including the famous Rolls-Royce Dart Turboprop, that pulled the final curtain on the piston engine era (I had made a reference to it in my previous post on HW500).

So, please find below a few images of this magnificent machine, flying, here, as usual, in my case, on a peaceful mission, over the equally magnificent (snowy) mountains and glaciers of the Alaskan Valdez Region (this flight being a short sight-seeing trip from/to PAVD Airport). Hope, you enjoy these screenshots of this iconic aircraft in this rugged environment, if not regarding it as a tireless war-machine of the bygone era, but, at least, as a remarkable symbol of classic aviation from the past. Thanks for viewing. [JF/AH (Lancaster),Orbx(Valdez),REX]





















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Very atmospheric!

I had the Lancaster and Vulcan in my basket over the weekend and just realised I never actually completed the order......kicking myself now😢

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Paul, Thanks!

Like Aviation minds think alike...🙂...those are exactly the two Avro planes I picked up on JF's Pick-Two SALE...It was a good deal I think, considering they are a bit pricey...

Anyway, I believe JF has such SALEs during the, I'm sure you'll catch it next time...[BTW, I too could not take advantage of their Pick-X SALE last time they did it not too long, forget when...]

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