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xVision, Ultra Weather XP v2.5 & ASXP - which co-mingle?

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I have   all of the above installed.

xVision appears to need FlywithLua to work. I don't have it, so I don't think xVision is running

Ultra Weather XP says in the user guide, P3:

"Here are the plug-ins that need to be disabled the most before using UWXP:
• FlyWithLua (any scripts of any of following: Sky, Sun, Water, Visibility, Fog, Atmosphere, Clouds, Shadows, Lights, Colors,
Moon and Terrain). all of the above installed."

UWXP appears ok to use ASXP.

So, is the choice UWXP + ASXP


xVision + ASXP, ?

but not UWXP + xVision because of the Flywithlua issue?

It gets a bit confusing. If you have to make a choice between UWXP & xVision, does anyone have an opinion which is better?

Can you disable a Plug in without having to uninstall it??



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10 minutes ago, Longranger said:

No, for XVision FlyWithLUA is only an option, yan use it without FlyWithLUA.



How can I tell if it is operating if I have it & UWXP installed?

It doesn't appear in the drop down plug - in menu



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