GTN750 and FSEconomy GPS/VLOC Switching

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I posted this in a wrong section of the forums. I am re-posting this here. I hope that is OK


The issue I had before was gone with the latest update to the GTN750. And that was the GPS/NAV switching back and forth VLOC to GPS...VLOC to GPS.  Not sure if this is even a GTN issue. I launched the sim hopped into the F33 Bonanza REP. This time though I decided to do a FSE flight. As soon as I started the FSE flight t he GPS/NAV switch started hopping between the VLOC/GPS modes. Any thoughts? Latest software updates installed for everything.


When I select start flight the flipping starts. When I land and complete the flight the flipping stops. This only happens the moment I select start flight and end flight.


Thank you!

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The only reason the GTN would switch back and forth is because it is receiving the external CDI mode input (otherwise there is a bug).

Please cross check for any plugin/hardware sending the following command:

"RXP/GTN/CDI_SOURCE_1" (or _2 for GTN #2).

Otherwise check whether a plugin is writing the following dararef (see RXP GTN manual p16):

RXP/gps/dscrt_in/cdi_src_1(_2)  boolean        discrete in signal (write 1 to trigger)
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Hi check that the plane you are renting in FSE has a gps fitted, ive had the same problem, then i realised the plane i had rented only had IFR/AP but no GPS.

hope this helps.

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