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Frustrated with Setting Monitor to 30hz - An Alternative...

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38 minutes ago, ttbq1 said:

I have tried also this approach with RTSS scanline/2 and it is working great in MSFS2020. 30fps locked, no stutters and the 1080ti usage at around 70%-80%.

Having said that it is also true that without any cap (No RTSS and No Vsync at all) I also have good and smooth performance without stutters and around 38-42FPS range. But my 1080Ti usage is at 100% all the time.

This is all running at 4k with 32Gb RAM (need to update my signature).


Well you must have a G sync monitor. Or below 60 you get stutters

This fix is those without G sync.

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On 4/26/2019 at 5:03 AM, itsjase said:

In theory Scanline Sync and a Frame limiter at 30 should be identical at 30fps. The difference is when frame drops occur.

Dropping under 30fps with Frame Limiter = Stutters

Dropping under 30fps with Scanline Sync = Tearing

That's how it works with a fullscreen program but P3D isn't fullscreen and therefore tearing isn't possible so I believe in practice both options should be identical?

Ensure you don't go under 30.

As I said, this all assumes you get at least 30 FPS. Turn your settings down until you do.

I use the 2 LOD sliders for detail... Mine are at 70.

And use the Rez scale -100 to +100 to ensure at least 30.

Under 30 will always be a nightmare.

I have a i7 7700k with a GTX 1080 card and 32GB RAM off an m.2 nvme drive.

I run at 2K Rez.

I have a mix of med and high settings with terrain and object detail sliders at 70 percent.

For rural areas and GAs, I use 100 percent Rez scaling, and for urban areas and or jets, turn it down to 80 or 70.

I get between 35 and 70 with this, so with FPS locked at 30 my GPU and CPU go nowhere near max most of the time, and therefore always keep 30 FPS rocksteady.

You simply cannot whack it all to Ultra and expect 30 or 60. Even a 2080 Ti won't do this especially at 4K.

Stick it up a bit, when you upgrade to a 3090Ti in 18 months and an 11800x CPU !!! You have that to look forward to.



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