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FSX FPS issue on PC with Windows 10 8gb VGA 12gb RAM.

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So im suffering major FPS issues on my computer which can easily handle games such as Forza Horizon 4 on Ultra graphics without any lag or FPS issues whatsoever. Quick Specs : 8gb VGA & 12gb RAM Windows 10.

When I play FSX I immediately experience FPS averaging 8-15  throughout the game, I used to play FSX on my MacBook Pro thru bootcamp and it only had 1gb video card and I rarely had any issues averaging 30fps. 

Im not sure if using Windows 10 is the culprit as I've just recently bought this computer as well as using windows 10 for the first time. (my MacBook had windows 7 previously)

any help would be greatly appreciated.


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You need to be more detailed with your computer specs.  Being from 2006, FSX doesn't make much use of graphic cards.  It is very processor dependent.  People have their opinions, but from my experience, at least 3.5 GHz CPU frequency is ideal.  Windows 10 is NOT the bottleneck.

I find this guide very useful.  Check it out and dial back some settings.  One of my favorite settings to turn down is AI traffic, especially airport vehicles.


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13 hours ago, YBMB said:

Quick Specs : 8gb VGA & 12gb RAM Windows 10.

FSX is heavily dependent on CPU single-core performance. What processor are you using?

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