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IVAO- Unofficial Support Discord! (New realise)

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Yup, You read the Title Correct, 

We have made a new discord server that will allow members of ALL divisions to connect, share and support each other. We realize that there is a discord themed around support for IVAO. There may be subchannels for support, but there isn't a Discord like this, Themed around support and bringing the whole IVAO community together. 

This isn't like any random discord, It's completely themed around flying on IVAO. (bearing in mind that it is an UNOFFICIAL discord.).


At least give it a go, We just want to help and bring the community together. 

Here is the link- https://discord.gg/FAHPrRc

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Posted (edited)

Did you mean new release ?


verb: realise
  1. 1.
    become fully aware of (something) as a fact; understand clearly.
    "he realized his mistake at once"
    synonyms: register, perceive, discern, be/become aware of (the fact that), be/become conscious of (the fact that), notice; More
    understand, grasp, take in, comprehend, see, recognize, work out, fathom (out), appreciate, ascertain, apprehend, be/become cognizant of, know, conceive;
    discover, find;
    see the light;
    informallatch onto, cotton onto, catch onto, tumble to, get, figure out, get a fix on, wrap one's mind around, get the message, get the picture, have an aha moment;
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    "it took him a moment to realize what she meant"
  2. 2.
    cause (something desired or anticipated) to happen.
    "his worst fears have been realized"
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