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Definitely wait. Quite a few people are having issues with 4.5. 


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why should it? it is a hotfix for the client afaiu..

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Why do you think that it would break comparibility ?

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Posted (edited)

Hi Guys,

Certain add-on's will required to be updated again after the Hotfix is released, this is not because Lockheed Martin is changing stuff that will break anything, but because some 3rd party add-on's are built in a way that interact with Prepar3D by reading directly from it's memory heap and stack structures.

So as soon as LM creates a new build (a new compiled version of DLLs / Executable's, etc.) these add-on's lose their compatibility since they need to update how their software will read some structures from new memory addresses, etc. with the new build.

Some examples of add-on's that use such techniques are:


  • ActiveSky from Hi-Fi
  • Ezdok
  • F1 GTN Complete
  • Some FSLabs Products.
  • Etc.

This is the reason why you guys see these add-on's always getting updated after any P3D Release, it is important to clarify that there have been occasions where LM changes the SDK libraries results and therefore all add-on's would need to be updated, but so far this has happened only once during the 4.X cycle, as normally they only introduce new functions rather than changing the way they work and any add-on sticking to the P3D SDK would not require any update at all.

The best course of action is to ask your 3rd party developers if they will need provide an update after the Hot-Fix.

My advise, is to wait until the Hot-Fix is released before upgrading to P3D 4.5 as you will save a lot of time and hazle this way.



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