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Malibu Mirage, Napa to Reno

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The personal airliner of the non kerosene breathers, the Piper Malibu Mirage, able to handle some pretty good city pairs, like Santa Rosa to Santa Ana, or Napa to Reno, or Petaluma to Vegas...

I love the way it just floats on landing.... and floats on landing, in ground effect... For just feather light gentle touchdowns....




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She's the sexiest piston single ever made. They are so impressive in person. Nice shots

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Posted (edited)
22 hours ago, rightseat said:

She's the sexiest piston single ever made. They are so impressive in person. Nice shots

Yep, I have seen one once in person and was impressed at its power and size, in Casa Grande Arizona at the Copper State airshow which used to be held there, then was moved about sixty miles away to Buckeye Arizona.  Pity, later this year Casa Grande will be easier to get to when they open one of the last freeway segments, the often debated South Mountain freeway which we desperately have needed to reduce thru big rig and passenger traffic between California and Tucson, and beyond to Texas and other points back east. 

I took I-10 in the opposite direction from where it merged with I-20 which I caught on my way home from Nashville via Alabama and then Dallas.  It was so cold to the west of Dallas my car almost did not start where I found a nice, cheap motel, I should have dived south to New Orleans then caught I-10 but I did not anticipate the cold weather and wanted to avoid Houston, I timed my transit thru Dallas late at night so I would not have to worry about any traffic, made it thru the entire Dallas-Ft. Worth metro area in around thirty mins.  At my motel, I had to wait for the sun to warm it up, almost zero, rare around Texas for that time of year.  Then I had another scare when I tried to get gas near Midland, but could not due to full gas stations, I ran my car on fumes for another 20 miles until I found a gas station, then lol I had Pizza for lunch to cool me off.

Last, at the Arizona-New Mexico border, the day before I drove home from Willcox where I overnighted, the wind at the summit near the border was so strong and cold, I almost could not stand up.  But it was to my tail when driving, and I coasted all the way down the grade on I-10.

In Willcox I stay at the Super 8, which has an amazing warm indoor pool, the only one in Willcox, and a great staff and breakfast.  I get along well with the staff there since they know I used to be in the business and can help them if they have computer issues at night.  I stayed there a few times, to enjoy a friend who took me up in his two Xair aicraft for flight lessons.  When he finally registered his smaller but more powerful one, he asked me what N number to use so I gave him my birthday and I cannot remember the rest of the letters, but he registered it with what I suggested and then was able to sell it once he got his A/W certificate.

P.S., I am on my download of P3D 4.5, I was surprised that it was a free upgrade, the first download failed though, I had corrupt cab files for some reason, my content and scenery.  I am looking forward to trying it out later this afternoon, or whenever the download is complete.  Had to make room on my C drive for it, got creative, deleted some software I did not use anymore--and remembered to uninstall the existing content, scenery and executables first before even starting my download.


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