EF is a complex product: it is sometimes compared to other static shaders (and now the called dynamic ones) but don't forget all EF tweaks are tied to real weather readings in auto mode (not just link to a season variable or time of the date variable). Also, we are changing the lightning variables as you fly so EF can't be compared to shader addons where lightning is given (all light is passed hard-coded to the shader). Needless to say texture swaps on-the-fly, or the overcast/cloud framework features. We are also ironing the bugs, so you will have noticed that with our existing Beta Team and the Insiders group we have fixed many bugs and there are some more fixes to come. We are also polishing the auto-mode algorithms. What's next? Is to have a fully customize shader tool, for the ones who like to tweak. For the ones who like to fly, auto mode will have more robust algorithms which will improve the flying immersion. For all of you who have interacted with us, I would like to thank you personally. We will continue to listen to your suggestions. Thanks Federico  
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