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Just Flight VFR Real 3D photoreal scenery - UK

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Just a couple of shots to show what it's like relating to my post in the FSX forum. Note that I have my autogen set to normal. JF recommends higher if you can and yes, it greatly improves the look. However, as it stands, my sim IS more or less a slideshow around London thanks to the mighty Heathrow (UK2000) and other airports in close proximity as well as London's landmarks.

Here's a couple taken from the lovely Rockwell Commander 114 by Carenado near Hawarden airport.The first one shows part of the former RAF Poulton. Autogen trees are quite nice, however as I've said if you can get performance with full on autogen then do it.


Here's some autogen in a town. (The power station next to the Mersey estuary is an add-on)


Note the electricity pylons dotted around the countryside.



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Looks pretty good, Does it come with night lighting at all?

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IT does come with night textures - I've not done a night flight as yet..  The product video on JF's site shows the custom night textures.. from quite high up...

I need to see how it may interact with another "Environment at Night" product  :wink: for the UK I have installed. (Actual author persona non grata at AVSIM).

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