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Multicast Overloading Local Network

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I recently experienced severe problems at certain times when testing the new Swift pilot client on XP11.31. My LAN was becoming overloaded and it was affecting my networked satellite TVs when on and tripping my FlightRadar24 receiver. After 2 weeks of investigation I finally found that it was not Swift but the PanelBuilderSender plug-in that was at fault. The default multicast IP address ( was pumping over 35kbps into my LAN with nowhere to go. Commenting out the multicast IP address in the configuration file has eliminated the data overload and solved my problem. Why is so much data being transmitted to a non-existent external address?

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Thank you "ScotFlieger" for bringing me in the right direction to solve my multicast problem as well. I've had the same issue with the network going down due to this. I don't really get your solution but mine was to change the multicast addresses. It seems as certain Multicast-adresses works better than others ?!

Cheers, Peter

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