P3D V 4.5 useful tweaks ?

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On 5/13/2019 at 1:47 PM, Bert Pieke said:

I do agree that 0.15 is a nice compromise between 0.1 (fps unlimited) and 0.33 (fps locked)...  Eating crow here.. :wink:

Right now, given that FFTF Dynamic is MIA because of incompatibility with the V4.5. Hotfix,  0.15 is a good value to try.. :cool:

.. and now FFTF Dynamic has been updated to work in V4.5.1.


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On 5/10/2019 at 1:26 AM, GSalden said:


This is for Multi-GPU/SLI configurations and should alleviate the case where the 2nd GPU needs to read a texture off disk.


this is supposition, I don't use SLI..

I think this one might need to be reviewed in light of SLI on RTX cards which changed drastically. GPU memory in  SLI is now (I believe) mapped as a single flat address range whereas it used to be per card. if the 'system copy' was an aid to SLI loading textures in two address ranges then that might not be necessary any more.


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It did not take long to get into the FFTF debate. All I will say is watch this video here on these very forums and draw your own conclusions to if 0.01 is a valid number. 


I use 3 tweaks and they are system dependent.

1) An AM to make P3D run on my main cores

2) Use in W7 task manager to put all addons CP/ASP4/EF/ProATC on the threads not used see #1

3) As I never have any texture loading problems at all I can spare unnecessarily wasted CPU usage and use FFTF 0.01 to make my sim run like it's on unlimited but is locked at 26 within P3D (Sorry Vic I respectfully disagree with you on that one)

NOTE: Anything from Rob A is worth taking note of. 

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Finished the first phase of the full installation of 4.5 HF1 and I'm so glad that all the features of PTA finally work.

I still see tiles loading in the distance. Is there a tweak that will stop the distant tile loading.


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