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RXP GNS430W on a separate computer an monitor

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At the Moment, I use 1 Computer with 4 Monitors attached (3 identical for the XP11 outside view, 1 for airmanager and RXP)

That works, but I am facing severe Performance issues.

SO, my idea is to have one powerful Computer with 3 Monitors and another Computer for my RXP 430W.


Is is possible, to run the RXP430W outside of X-Plane on another Computer? Of course there is also a Kind of plugin needed, which connects to X-Plane


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The GNS V2 is a plugin running on the same host as X-Plane. It can display a popup window in-sim, or with XP11 a popout window on any monitor. It is also very lightweight and doesn't take much if any resources when running in-sim.

You might want to review if there is any plugin or setting which is the source of the performance issue you are having. Some of our professional customers do run a single XP11 computer with up to 5 monitors without any issue.

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