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Argentina & Chile – Lakes & Volcanos

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Argentina & Chile – Lakes & Volcanos

We depart Las Lajas (LLJ) located along the Agrio river in the Andean foothills of Argentina.  We first fly east to a waypoint near Lonquimay and view of Volcán Lonquimay before turning to the south and heading to our first landing at Pucon in the shadow of Volcán Villarrica. We will continue to zig and zag to the south crossing the Andes east and west enjoying the views of many volcanic peaks before arriving at our final destination Esquel Argentina in the foothills of the Andes Mountains.


Flightplans & Pilots Guide

Download Here 


The total distance of the route is about 450nm with five full stop landings. Any plane capable of cruising at 220knts should work fine.  I will be flying the PMDG DC-6B in Varig livery.  




FTX South American landclass is highly recommended for the photo-real depictions of Volcanos along our route.



Set Simulator Date to Sep 22, 2018.  This is so we can enjoy spring textures in the southern hemisphere.  If you set it to real time the autumn vegetation is a little drab.

Set Departure Time to 14:15 Local This should give us nice afternoon light for the final legs and a planned arrival at Esquel at Dusk (17:15).   Esquel has a lighted runway and an ILS so even if we are a bit late it should be fine.

Set Historical Weather to March 16, 2019 18:00Z.  This will give us mostly clear weather and good views.



Date and time: Saturday, 18th May, 2019, 1800 UTC.
Where: AVSIM RTWR Teamspeak - Casual Flights Channel
Teamspeak Server Address: ts.teamavsim.com
Cross-Platform Multiplayer: JoinFS. (FSX, FSX-SE, and P3D).


If you want to help others enjoy the multiplayer experience, don't forget to enter your aircraft details on the multiplayer spreadsheet (linked here). Your courtesy will save others a lot of time and effort.

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Great shots.  I've been debating getting OpenLC SA since I picked up the new SEQM a couple of weeks ago and since OpenLC is half off currently.  Looking forward to more pics!  

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Additional Recommended Chile Freeware Scenery (credit to MM for finding these)


There are three additional photoreal freeware sceneries from 3D Model Brasil that are worth considering for this flight.

Aeropuerto El Tepual SCTE (V1) FSX/P3D (Contains Volcán Calbuco photoreal, better than the Orbx SA Landclass depiction which is not photoreal)

Aeropuerto Marcel Marchant La Paloma SCPF (Contains Puerto Montt City photoreal with Volcán Osorno geothermal effect plus Aerodrome Marcel Marchant La Paloma SCPF)

Pucón Airport SCPC  (Significantly improves the default airport and extends the photoreal around Volcán Villarrica)

Individual download links can be found here:  https://3dmodelbrasil.com/2018/09/13/chile/

The photoreal of the freeware is generally an improvement on Orbx SA Landclass.  It extends the photoreal coverage area around the vocano features and airports.  The downside is that is that the photoreal suppresses autogen vegetation and buildings.   I definitely recommend Pucon because of the improvement to the airport.  The Orbx SA landclass Pucon Airport is just a runway.

Comparison screenshot of Pucon below.


Orbx SA Landclass with Default SCPC



3D Model Brasil Freeware Photoreal


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SCTE is part of the ORBX Freeware packs and looks pretty good. But the downloaded scenery improves the whole area. It appears to me that the ORBX airport shows, not the downloaded airport. The photoreal however shows as it should. 

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Some notes on the Andes Volcanos Scenery

Puerto Montt (SCTE).

Gunter is right. A straight install has the Orbx Global Freeware Airport SCTE showing. You can eliminate this by going to XXX:\Prepar3D v4\ORBX\FTX_GLOBAL\FTX_FTXG_AIRPORTS\Scenery and searching for "SCTE". Then turn OFF the listed *.bgl files as in:


Then the Octavio Bonimo scenery will show properly. While the Orbx rendition gives a good sense of the airport, the Bonimo model is an accurate portrayal of the real world buildings and terminal.

Suggested airports for Argentina. (SAZS, SAZY, and SAVE)
From Flight Simulator Argentina (HERE)

These are older sceneries (typically 2010-2012 and updated) that work in both FSX and P3D. They are amateur freeware quality and are not up to current payware scenery standards. But they have the special advantage of portraying accurately the real world airport layouts and buildings. In stock P3D these are simple bare concrete strips. So if you like even some sense of their being an airport around your destination runway, these will provide a substantial improvement. (All three have scheduled airline service and thus have terminal buildings as well as additional hangars and detail.)
(Caution. The download server at Flight Simulator Argentina is fairly slow. These are not huge files, but will take a few minutes to download. Check your email.)

Bariloche (SAZS). Marcel Veneziale. [Updated 2017]

Description. Download Link.

Esquel and Trevelin (SAVE). Jorge Alberto Bilia.

Description. Download Link.

San Martin de los Andes (SAZY) Chapelco. Jorge Alberto Bilia.

Description. Download Link.

If running Orbx VECTOR, be sure to disable AEC for SAVE. We shall need extra imagination to make SAVE work for us. (The terminal is on an artificial hill above the tarmac. This needs an extra flatten for which I do not have the skills.)

(The otherwise high quality Bariloche scenery is missing its "pad" so you will have to ignore the odd landclass texture underneath. Marcel Veneziale gives instructions about how to fix this by replacing the FSX APX file in "scenery/305/*.bgl" but this does not work in P3D. So imperfection until we find a solution.)

Hope this helps.


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Some small corrections to the Flight Plans.  The earlier version was missing a waypoint and the Garmin gfp had a locked waypoint.  It is corrected in the latest download.

Download Here 

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Some Videos of the Volcano Region of Patagonia

First, some drone footage of Villarrica Volcano.
Volcano Villarrica Drone Video [2:42]

Video guide to
Bariloche Argentina. [7:56]
Film of Bariloche without text. Tourist city in a beautiful setting.

Then the 2015 eruptions of Calbuco and Villarrica

On April 24, 2015, CNN Argentina has this
news report on Calbuco's eruption.
"That is insane."
Contemporary witness film taken from nearby Osorno. [3:11]
And then, with an eye for its spectacular beauty, in 4K HD by
TIMESTORM FILMS here [2:23].
Also in 2015, on March 3, Chilean TVN reported on Villarrica's
late night light show [Spanish, 4:46].

More tranquil views of the region.

Lago Llanquihue, Puerto Varas, Volcan Osorno Chile (4K). [3:51]
Pretty views of the surrounding lakes and terrain, and of course Osorno.

Aerial footage over Cochamo, Puelo and Llanada Grande. [3:07]
Beautiful aerial film of remote rugged valleys.

Argentina, traveling on the Patagonian Express. [4:32]
"La Trochita." The lovingly-maintained classic operational railway at Esquel.
Paul Theroux: The railway almost at the end of the world.

Finally, the broader domain of Patagonia including famous sights to the south.
Here is a strikingly dramatic time-lapse of the region:
TIMESTORM FILMS Patagonia (8K) [4:32].

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