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How real pilots plan their landing?

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when i was planning my flight in FSX (in airbus a320 MCDU) the following question has occured:


or they just entry the flight plan with only the SIDs for the departure,no STARs and they wait to get close to the dastination and the ATC guide them through for the landing?


If they actually use the plan with STARs and the ATC change the runway they planned,can they change the plan while in-flight?
Thank you!

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In most cases, we plan what runway we think we will use when we get to our destination.

When it comes to programming the STARs into our fms, you can program most arrivals without putting a runway in just fine. In fact, you have to do just that because STARs are a part of your route and 100% of the time, the arrival extends miles from the airport. Long story short, you must program the arrival in the fms.

When it comes to going to airports in changing weather conditions in the forecast, we will plan a landing runway but will just program the STAR into the fms without selecting a runway. Thats totally normal and ok to do so.

ATC can and will change your arrival into an airport. They will just reclear you to a fix on the new arrival. You then program the new arrival into the fms and go direct to the fix to they just cleared you to.

Runway changes are the same thing. Just reprogram the new approach into the fms and you're goood to go.




Long story short....always always always program your planned STAR into the fms. It's part of your cleared route so you must fly it.

If ATC wants you on a different arrival...they will tell you and clear you for the new arrival.

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