Prepar3D v4 5 HF1 Flight Testing in the Tecnam Sierra @ 11S

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Testing P3D v4.5 HotFix1 at my fav 11S Sekiu airport which enables loading up GPU use without killing the framerate too much.

Looking good as far,
  external sound speedup issue is resolved,
  buildings rendering in and out is resolved,
  performance has been pretty much restored to around 4.4 level (although more performance would be better),
  Orbx sceneries making heavy use of the Orbx libs load in a fraction of the time they previously took,
  there is now a hardware UI acceleration value in the p3d configuration file to enable / disable for some shader injectors (reshade) and video recording software,
  still has the floating buildings issue but is easy enough to force them back down to the ground, maybe next release perhaps.

Flight includes the settings used and CPU / GPU usage at a couple of spots and a couple of close calls in fog!


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