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JustFlight Mosquito - gun in roof of canopy

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Assume that's a flare gun, used for various signalling purposes;


Flares were used to signal the ground staff when radio silence was needed or when the radio was out of action. They were used for at least four reasons:

  1. To alert fire trucks for an emergency landing.
  2. To alert ambulances to the fact of wounded crew aboard.
  3. To reply to a ground flare or radio message.
  4. To advise Anti Aircraft gunners of their friendly status.


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Posted (edited)

That's a Very Pistol, it's (typically) for signalling the ground when returning from a night raid. Crews would be pre-briefed on which colour flare to respond with for a given colour of the day, this being to avoid spoofing since the answer colour would not be the same as the query colour.

So, the ground would fire a specific coloured flare, the returning aircraft would then need to respond with the correct answer colour, and if it did so, the defences would know it was a friendly aircraft as a result of a correct answering colour and then not open fire on it.

It was common on PFF (pathfinder force) target marker aeroplanes.

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Check the instructions, it actually works. You have to load a flare from the rack before you can fire it.

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