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Hey Guys.  I'm using squawkbox 4 and FS9.  Been away from the hobby for 5 years or so.  I've noticed the program doesn't appear to have some of the newer airliners like the A220, A350, B787-10 etc.  Any workarounds that anybody is aware of?  

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Welcome back to the hobby Micstatic!

If you're set on continuing to use FS2004, your only bet currently to have a full display of current A/C models is if you drop SqBox4 and use Swift (click link).  Their thoughtfulness to implement FS2004 (experimental) thru P3Dv4+ (inclusive of X-Plan 10/11 is a refreshing and most appreciated approach to the diversity of simulators still in use.

I wish you well -- see you in the virtual skies.


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