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Is it worth buying FS2Crew for the Aerosoft A320 Pro?

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Hi everybody,

After several years of flying the PMDG 777 with FS2Crew I decided learn to fly an Airbus and I got the Aerosoft A320 Professional for P3DV4.

I've just finished (in quick and dirty mode) the tutorial flight and I am now aware that the Aerosoft bus comes with a copilot with automatic checklists and flows features, as well as some passengers announcements (cabin ready, prepare TO, prepare Landing, etc.).

So I'm wondering if it is relevant for me to buy the FS2Crew addon?

Please note that on the PMDG 777 I use the FS2Crew button (not voice) feature.



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I use FS2Crew with all my planes (PMDG 737, Maddog, Majestic Q400, AS Airbus) and its really a great experience !

In my opinion fs2crew is way better and more immersive than the internal co-pilot :-)

so i highly recommend it ! it is worth every cent....




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19 hours ago, Simicro said:

Please note that on the PMDG 777 I use the FS2Crew button (not voice) feature.

In that case you can decide yourself 😉
It does exactly the same thing for the Bus as for the Boeing... 
Personally I only fly tubes for which FS2Crew is available, voice versions that is. I find that much more realistic then the button versions

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