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Nobody picks up the phone for my FSS CLR !

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Hi Ronzie,

Thanks again for your response. Just tonight I read an interesting similar discussion of yours with "djgodden" from 2008 [  https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/99965-fss-wx-and-clearance-and-rc-not-going-to -next-ftp /  ].

I have copied the "f4.cvs" file to RC4.3.
So sorry, but I do not understand what you mean by the last entry ? Entry of KDRO in "runways.txt" ? And what should I find and edit ?

I have 3 serious problems with FSX / RC4.3 at the moment:
1. I don't get a CLR response from FSS at uncontrolled airports (item 4-5).
2. KDRO is approximately 10 feet lower than the environment (ORBX).
3. My update to AIRAC 1906 means that I no longer have VORs within FSX.

I suppose you're trying to explain whether KDRO and FSX VORs have the right place (layer numbers) in my "Scenery-DataBase".

The good news is that I have found the right "Scenery.cfg". Not in the FSX root, but in "MS ProgramData DIR" (hidden file).

Greetings, Guus.

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I think the fsAerodata navaid and fsAerodata comm entries should be just above the base scenery layers and below all your add-on sceneries in the scenery.cfg.  Otherwise they will override what is set in the various add-on airport (ADE/AFX/AFCAD) files.  It looks like you have them placed above your add-on scenery.  Check with fsAerodata to be sure, as I do not use that data.

When you run makerwys, it creates an updated f4.csv file with comm radio data in your FSX root folder, but the "Rebuild Scenery DB" feature in RC4 does not automatically copy that file as it does for the others...that one has to be copied manually after makerwys has been run with the scenery.cfg properly configured.  Normally the comm freq data does not change much, but the recent incorporation of the fsAerodata databases introduces more changes to that data now.

I looked at the ORBX FTX Global KDRO ADE file, and there are FSS (122.35) and Denver Ctr (118.575) frequencies active in the airport file.  You shouldn't be seeing an FSS phone clearance option at all there.

The f5.csv file is not relevant to RC4.  As I understand it, that file was created for the now defunct Radar Contact v5 when it was being developed.

Having the airfield below the surrounding terrain is an elevation issue probably related to Orbx Vector.  It could also be that you are using a third-party terrain mesh that is not consistent with the (usually default) elevation data used to build the airport file.  Either way, normally that's solved with the AEC settings in Vector. 

Having scripted responses that appear in the Simconnect window but are not responsive usually means that another program, or even FSX itself, is intercepting the keystrokes before RC43 sees them.  Check the controls menu keyboard assignments and make sure that there are no assignments for any of the numeric keys 0-9.  Also make sure you don't have a gauge or other program that has direct keyboard input enabled.  Another alternative troubleshooting step is to try changing the key assignments for the nonresponsive menu options to something else, like perhaps CTRL-SHFT-4 instead of 4, for example. 


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Hello everyone,

Thank you for your contributions ! I really appreciate this !

With the AIRAC 1906 there is just transmitting equipment available [KDRO] and therefore NO reason for telephone contact with FSS! What I ABSOLUTELY DO NOT UNDERSTAND is that the DEFAULT Tutorial 8 of RC4.3 is about an UNcontrolled airport (with frequencies disabled) ! Both with the default FSX AIRAC from 2005 and the new one from 2019 have ALWAYS been sending facilities. WHY then such a tutorial ??? !!!
There is just something wrong with FSS and frequencies that [in my opinion] should NOT be on an uncontrolled airport ! A telephone HAS NO frequency !

What remains is my problem with the "disappearance" of All FSX VORs after I installed AIRAC 1906! I have quite "fussed" with my "Scenery Library" [I-net, ORBX forum] to improve/get the right sequence (?), but haven't found a solution yet.

After 57 hours of trouble shooting without result I will have a "break" ...
I brought the "FSAD_APPROACHES" (fsAreoData) to a lower priority (higher number) [Thanks, "w6kd"]. And that solved my problem with the height difference [KDRO] !!! But is NOT TRUE ANYMORE ...
@ the moment I am "glad" with FSX DEFAULTS from 2005, NO add-on scenery, No small uncontrolled airfields RC4.3.
Thanks Guys. "Talk" to you later ...
Greetings, Guus.

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Re-installed EVERYTHING of FSX + ADD-ONs again because I did not know what was going on!
Now "everything" in order again ... With FSX & RC4.3. The AIRAC 1906 is "I believe" OK now. I now understand more about the relationship between the various * .csv files between FSX & RC4.3. Some FIRST backup, and what to put back in case of problems.
Thank you again for your contributions!

Greetings, Guus.


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