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Drzewiecki Design Seattle Airport X and T2G KSEA

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Hello folks,

I've run into a little problem using these two products together....DD's Seattle Airports X and T2G KSEA (I also have Orbx scenery installed, and have deactivated any KSEA related .bgl files in the Orbx folders).

DD says that its product is compatible with T2G KSEA....but, after I run the installer for Seattle Airports X and even though I deselected DD's KSEA so it should not have installed at all.....when I go back to T2G KSEA, I see duplicate taxiway and runway entrance signs.  If I re-run DD's installer and deselect ALL the files and airports thus uninstalling Seattle Airports X, the duplicate signs at T2G KSEA no longer appear.

So...seems that DD's installer is installing some file or other (.bgl?) that creates the duplicate sign issue at T2G KSEA....even though it's not supposed to install anything for KSEA when that airport is deselected in the DD installer menu.

Has anyone else had this issue?  Anyone think of any solution?

I've told DD about the issue on their forums...and so far, they haven't come up with a suggested fix.

BTW....I'm running P3d v4.4 and have DD's Seattle City X v1.0 installed....and I was using the v1.3 installer for DD's Seattle Airports X package.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

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It's been awhile, but I encountered that problem in the DD New York airports when I installed La Guardia and then wanted to uninstall it. Somewhere DD leaves files behind for the particular airport, even though it is uninstalled. I think it has to do with additional SODE files that DD puts in somewhere but does not remove on an uninstall. I remember searching through a lot of directories until I found the problem folder.


Lee Holdridge

i7 8700K 4.8 OC 32GB Ram 11GB GTX 1080ti


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I have found that even though the boxes are not selected in the DD installer, files are still installed.  Look for files with "KSEA" in the scenery folder and rename the extension to "off".

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Thanks for the suggestions...I'll test them out and report back.

BTW....DD suggested that I try renaming KSEA_OBJ_PLC.bgl to "off".

I'll try that too and will let you know.

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OK...here's the update on the duplicate signs issue at T2G KSEA with Seattle Airports X installed, but with DD KSEA NOT ACTIVATED....

I finally was able to eliminate the duplicate signs by searching the Seattle X Scenery folder for all .bgl files associated with KSEA.
Then I manually turned each .bgl file to "OFF" by renaming them .OFF.  That got rid of the duplicate signs at T2G KSEA.

I don't know which DD KSEA related .bgl file was the problem or whether there were multiple .bgl files involved.

But simply relying on the Seattle Airports X installer was not enough to prevent the installation of active .bgl files for KSEA in the DD Seattle X Scenery folder which interfered with T2G's KSEA airport scenery.

I hope that this helps anyone who might have run into the same problem that I did.

I also appreciate the support from Drzewiecki's team, as we worked together to get this sorted.

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