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I purchased the PC6 from Milviz yesterday and have been enjoying some flights around Tapini. Overall Milviz have done a great job with the PC6. Whilst it's not an aircraft I know much about, it's a blast to fly especially when using it's STOL capability.

What I like

The turbine engine start up is the best  I have experienced within a flight sim (Microsoft/Lockheed). Milviz have done a great job.

With the doors off, in VR, I suffered vertigo a few times, the view down is exceptional

Performance is very good

Sounds are great

Nice to have steam driven dials rather than a glass layout

What I currently have issues with

The radio config tool is OK but I would like better options. I find the options too limiting. I preference the A2A or RealAir system. I would like to select the 750 unit only.

When selecting certain GPS radio configs the flight one 650 is not properly displayed. When selecting the default, the radios look terrible (default). It seems they can be upgraded to NAVSTAX for $29

Unable to select the 'home' or 'direct to' buttons opn the F1 GTN, clicking on the bezel removes results in a black GTN screen 

Is the weather radar unit too small? It also seems to cause regular stutters when I select.

Rain drop effect not very realistic, the best I have experienced so far is the A2A effect. The current effect looks like grey smudges and does not appear to move or react to airflow in a realistic way.

Lighting effects not the best;

  • The beacon is a red dot. It does seem to be 'rotating' however it can be seen all the time. I would preference a strobe type.
  • Landing light appears as a white dot forward of the lamp unit when viewed from the cockpi

I've uploaded a video showing the brilliant modeling and start up of the PT6 engine

Also a quick bit of STOL fun

Overall, I'm pleased with my purchase and I'm looking forward to many hours of bush flying. Well done Milviz.


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Added GTN issue

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On behalf of Milviz let me Thank You for the feedback , your observations were all among the items that were under scrutiny for the update being produced to eliminate deficiencies noted during its maiden flight.


Best CJ

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Is there a way to get the Milviz Garmon GNS 530 to show a different view of the flight plan over the ground?

 Currently I can only see a black background ground view & I have seen other GNS 530's with a tan ground view.


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Not without reworking the XML source script used. I did not enable it simply because it really affects the frame rate significantly.

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