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all vegetation looks like cartoon pictures

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Grass, trees, shrubs all are light, yellowish-green, and look like something out of  coloring book. Only at high altitudes do things look "real".

I have tried several PTA settings and have ENVTEX/ENVSHADE plus REX airports,

Shaders folder has been deleted twice but no improvement regardless of various tweaks to the above.

 Latest  P3Dv4.5 

Advice please:  Uninstall add-ons?      Uninstall/reinstall P3D Scenery?    (ditto Client?)   other options?


Neal H

Btw.....Not posted on PTA forum because I'm not sure it is a PTA problem


Neal Howard


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Turn off speed trees 

Ron Hamilton


"95% is half the truth, but most of it is lies, but if you read half of what is written, you'll be okay." __ Honey Boo Boo's Mom

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Yes, untick Dynamic vegetation under the world tab, (I think that is what its called).


Lee Holdridge

i7 8700K 4.8 OC 32GB Ram 11GB GTX 1080ti


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Posted (edited)

wait for microsoft flightsim 2020👍it looks better

Edited by Arthur42417

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