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A nice story...




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Awww, that melts one's heart.  My ex wife I met out of the country too, we're still close.  I feel when we fall in love with someone, what we see when we see them again is the moment we fell in love, and it is obvious you can see it in the eyes of this couple...  They look and act like soulmates, you can tell by the way they looked at each other in the video.  Air travel and my foreign duties brought me to my fiance like this man was brought to his girlfriend.  Sometimes those special meetings just have to happen that way, although my Mom eerily predicted almost the exact person I would meet and marry, and the circumstances.  My Mom and I oddly could predict things better than Nostradamus.  We knew for certain the Iranian hostages would be released the day Reagan was inaugurated or shortly thereafter after both having a dream with the number "444" months before when the hostages were taken.  And they were held 444 days.  I will not say what other predictions I have up my sleeves, lol, but you never know--when you see stories like this, some happy world event might be just around the corner.  They come in threes...


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Best reunion story I have ever heard Bill. Thanks for posting it.


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