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NZ Photoreal Autogen Project v2.0 released

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Hey all,

I am releasing my, what was once payware, Photoreal Autogen Scenery. This time it's version 2.0!!

Previously this went with Ant Davidsons 5m Photoreal for NZ found here: https://gumroad.com/antdavison 

It will work if you have your own Aerial imagery but this hasn't been split into regions, someone could do that if they wish otherwise time permitting I may get around to it.

My Autogen is based on the latest GIS data including Buildings (Commercial, Industrial, and Residential) and Vegetation using Topo50 LINZ data.

I tried to reach out to Ant some time ago so I could see if he would let me water and blendmask the Aerial imagery as I have a near perfect auto masking tool I coded that will process Tif images that he would have used but didn't get far with it. Anyway, my Autogen is now freeware for all to enjoy including those of you who paid for my initial release some time ago.

I need to advise that this autogen needs aerial imagery to work and covers the entire country. So, it's my way of giving back to the FS community mainly all those who really appreciate New Zealand but of course for anyone to enjoy. 

It is quite large, their are 4 files split into 4GB each.

NZ Photoreal Autogen 2.0 - Part 1
https://mega.nz/#!2SB3iabB!r8dlm8vGE4xg ... qAuszVEGyI 

NZ Photoreal Autogen 2.0 - Part 2
https://mega.nz/#!iH53WAbI!zHiB_kdTyP_m ... muQzHRGRXU

NZ Photoreal Autogen 2.0 - Part 3
https://mega.nz/#!LOx11QqK!FiKOnFM83b7N ... 4G4TTaSZoA

NZ Photoreal Autogen 2.0 - Part 4
https://mega.nz/#!uboxWSLD!AiTnDSysCX87 ... IljkvnLHtI

Don't hesitate to provide feedback or issues and I'll see about fixing any weird stuff that maybe happening as I have not had the privilege of flying the entire country to see all my work as there's a lot of flying hours to be had and I haven't had the time. I have seen quite a bit of the autogen and looks good as far as I can tell in many places i've seen so....

Some screenshots you've probably already seen but I'll link here as it's relevant to see some of the work on Bing Aerial Imagery which unfortunately I cannot distribute due to copyright issues. 


Any feedback or issues can be emailed to me at geosimworks@gmail.com
happy flying!
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