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Condor on ascent out of Sky Harbor to Frankfurt

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My modified Sky Spirit 767-300ER so I can have wing views from the external model ported into P3D....  The last pic is a real one of the same livery in Phoenix.  Thomas Cook has recently expanded its non-stop 767-300ER service out of Phoenix due to its success, and the 767 is a great aircraft for long hauls in economy....  I use the 2-d panel included with another Skyspirit package found here and the Thomas Cook/Condor livery found at Avsim and modified to fit in with this package, which makes for a fine library of 13 repaints and P3D4.x compatibility.  As noted in another post, I modified the aircraft by editing the internal model in the four model.cfg files to match the internal model.  This removes the VC but the 2d panel I feel is better.  I use the camera config from Manage Cameras in P3D to add the wing views and change the forward view to allow for the 2d panel and a good view forward.   These configurations can be saved with the aircraft which is quite nice for those who like wing views.





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Glad, John, you are able to fly this 767 in P3D. Nice pictures....

Also, KPHX is a nice (and modern) airport what I recall...and it's good that Thomas Cook has chosen it as a starting point out of U.S...

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