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Hong Kong Kai Tak and FMC SID/STAR

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Hi mates,

I thought it might be useful to pass this info that I discovered recently.

You probably know that Hong Kong Kai Tak (VHHX) was closed in 1998 but thanks to FlyTampa, we have a nice recreation of that airport in P3Dv4.

Now to fly with an airliner into VHHX, you need the appropriate SID/STAR loaded in a flight planner (eg. PFPX), and also in the FMC of your favorite airliner.

Until a date I ignore, maybe a couple of years ago, it was necessary to edit manually files, or use installers or tweaks provided by https://www.vapap.com/kai-tak-airport

Now it is even more simple and straightforward: the VHHX SID/STAR comes default with the Navigraph AIRAC. Thanks to Navigraph for that!

Enjoy approach to the challenging IGS RW13!

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- TONY -


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Great to hear.  Kai Tak will always be one of my favorite airports.  We created an add-on for it years for FS2004 (9Dragons Kai Tak for all those old timers out there).  FlyTampa did a marvelous with it.

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simwestFOTOREAL series
Photoreal scenery you'll want to fly thru, not over


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