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Question regarding F-35 and F-22 liveries for FSX

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I know this is probably a long shot, but am going to ask anyway.

I'm wondering if there are, or will be any new liveries, for either Dino Cattaneo's F-35, or the Virtavia F-22. I have the default liveries and the "Tophatters" and "Jolly Rogers" for the F-35, as well as the default Langley AFB F-22. Since the USAF, US Navy and Marines, as well as other countries are in the process of deploying these aircraft, I'd love to see other liveries produced. I do not have the ability to do them myself.

Here is a list of which ones I'd like to see.   Virtavia F-22 :90th FS "Pair-O-Dice" Sqn. CO a/c, 199th FS Hawaii ANG "Mai Tai's" Sqn. CO a/c.

           Dino Cattaneo F-35A : 421st FS "Black Widows" Sqn. CO, 74th TFS "Flying Tigers" (with Shark Face), 17th TFS "Hooters 1991,

                 614th TFS "Lucky Devils" Torrejon AB 1991, 138th TFS NYANG January 2008, "Thunderbird #1.

                F-35B : VMFA-214 "Black Sheep", VMFA-231 "Ace of Spades".

                F-35C : VF-2 Bounty Hunters" full color #201, VF-32 "Swordsmen" Desert Storm full color CAG bird #200,

                             VF-41 "Black Aces" 1992 full color CAG #101 CVN-72, VF-111 "Sundowners" full color CAG  bird #200 with shark mouth,

                             VF-143 "Pukin Dogs" 1989 full color CAG #101 CVN-74.

                International liveries : 140 Sqn. "Golden Eagles" F-35A IAF,   #3 Sqn. RAAF F-35A,  302nd TFS Japanese AF F-35A,

                                                  617 Sqn. "Dambusters", RN F-35B

I realize this is a very extensive list, but I haven't heard of anyone doing any others, and I wanted to give everyone a look at the possibilities. Any info as to whether or not these could be done would be greatly appreciated.


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I figured since you are making livery requests, the best place to do it would be here.

Charlie Aron

CPU-AMD 2GHZ  2GB RAM  NVidia Graphics FSX with SP1 and SP2  running Win XP



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