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Bit of fun with my channel

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I was trying out some split-screen video shots for my aviation-related Chocks Hangar youtube channel, and decided to have a bit of a laugh whilst doing so. It ended up being quite amusing, so I uploaded it. It brings an entirely new meaning to the phrase, 'the eagle has landed'. You get to meet my co-pilot too. 🤣


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Alan Bradbury

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Hi Chock,

Childrens TV programming has a time slot for you, (better get a Copyright on your characters), but that Wiseguy bird needs some polish, Mason is a PitA. Badda- bing Badda Boom. I didn't see you lips move so the ventriloquism is pretty good. 

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Cheers Jethro  

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Can't wait to see where this is headed :biggrin::cool:

Mark Robinson

"What's it doing now?"

Greenbrier Aero Club former member

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That is really good..👍

Maurice J

I7 7700k 4.7 \ EVGA 1080ti \ G-Skill 32GB \ Samsung 4K TV

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