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Single Lag on Final Approach at Specific Position w/ GSX Lv2

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Hi everyone,

I have posted this issue on GSX official support forum, but I am also reposting here because I want to gain more insights from you😉


Description of Issue
On every final approach to VHHH in which GSX level 2 was configured (haven't got time to test other sceneries), there is one single lag lasting 0.5-1 second when the aircraft reaches 600ft specifically. 

Demonstration of Issue


(this youtuber's sim may have the same issue as mine)

What I know
According to the discussion in this link, the more diverse the jetways and bridges set are, the more performance hit the sim could get.

My PC Spec
Intel Core i9-9900K (stock)
Samsung 970 PRO 512GB NVME
Nvidia GTX1080 Ti 11GB

My Thought/Speculation
I believe the lag is caused by the loading of jetways and bridges in the scenery as we are approaching. I fully understand the complexity of jetways and bridges does impair performance. However, is there adjustable options to alleviate the stutter on approach? Could we enlarge the scenery draw distance so that those jetways and bridges can be loaded earlier without disturbing the final approach? Or can the performance hit be "transferred" to another form, like sacrificing some FPS for a stutter-free approach?


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