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Just Flight DC-8- should I buy it?

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I have lately been tempted to buy the DC-8 for Prepar3D v4. But I can't decide whether I should buy the Just Flight or the Aerosoft DC-8. I have combined feelings for both dev's aircraft.

The Aerosoft DC-8 doesn't have a fully functional cockpit with non-functional buttons. And the "button action" sounds seem to be "Ctrl+C -> Ctrl+V" from the Airbus. Maybe not a biggie for the most, but I consider it to have a great impact on the immersion. The textures are fabulous though! But not enough to convince me to buy their DC-8.

I have read through the "Aerosoft DC-8 vs Just Flight DC-8" topic, where Aerosoft seemed to be far superior over Just Flight's buggy model. This was discussed more than a year ago, so have Just Flight taken action and "fixed" their DC-8 for Prepar3D v4 under this period? Another cone are the cockpit textures- have they been enhanced or even reworked for Prepar3D v4? I have only come across FSX videos showcasing the Just Flight model except for two which showcase the aircraft in Prepar3D. Sadly, the tutorial flight shows that the cockpit textures haven't been improved. But the video is from 2017, so I am uncertain if the cockpit has remained unimproved since. But the other video seems promising though. The cockpit looks stunning with Tomato Shade during dusk/sunset! But I also want to see the cockpit with Tomato Shade during day-time!:blink:

All opinions and thoughts are appreciated!:wink:





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The aerosoft dc-8 is fantastic. It’s not “study” level but it is very enjoyable and rewarding to fly. It has a functional CIVA INS for navigation that loses accuracy over time and needs updating via VOR-DME. Or you can fly VOR to VOR. It can be very challenging and overwhelming at first but it’s very satisfying when you master it.

Performance is also very well modeled. You can set engine EPR according to the tables in the manual and it will fly exactly as the table states. You can tell a lot of effort went into this and it’s basically a one person team who created it.

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46 minutes ago, vdae said:

The Aerosoft DC-8 doesn't have a fully functional cockpit with non-functional buttons. And the "button action" sounds seem to be "Ctrl+C -> Ctrl+V" from the Airbus. Maybe not a biggie for the most, but I consider it to have a great impact on the immersion.

Hi Viggo,

I felt exactly the same when I got the Aerosoft DC-8. I even was so disappointed that so many buttons are not working that I temporarily requested a refund. But I then gave the bird another chance and started to like it - so much, in fact, that it is currently probably my favourite aircraft model.

Yes, many buttons do not work, but you are still left with a lot (!) of functioning controls. The developer has found a very good balance: having too many click-spots reduces fps, so he picked all the switches that one would operate during a normal flight. For instance, I was particularly taken aback that cross-fuel levers didn't work, but that actually helped me to realize that I almost never used it in other airplanes.

Honestly, the Aerosoft model has so many functioning controls that it will keep you way more busy than any modern jetliner, regardless from which developer. There are so many things to take care: CIVA-INS as mentioned above, fuel tank management, engine management, weight and balance, speed bugs ... If you accept the challenge that the plane presents, you will have a very rewarding experience when you master it. I would call the Aerosoft model a 1960s study-level sim. And it comes with very good documentation.

I cannot comment on the JF version, but if you like early jetliners, this one is probably the best out there.



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I do not own the JustFlight DC-8, so I cannot comment on it, other than to say that JF has modelled a bunch of variants of the DC-8, including the fat turbofan DC-8-70 series, and the long stick DC-8-60 series.

Whereas Aerosoft has only modelled the DC-8-50 (pax) and DC-8-50 Jet Trader.  But it goes beyond that...read on...

The Aerosoft DC-8 is a really good add-on.  To add to what JasonPC said, you also can (or need to) update the INS to re-calibrate on a long flight, or else it will lose its accuracy, just like the real one.  Nav'ing with INS is fun and different, and this is a really nice thing in the Aerosoft DC-8.  I was going to say the EPR is perfect as to the real-world tables but he already said that :)

It also features a fairly complex fuel system / Flight Engineer panel that requires some management on long flights.   The start procedure is pretty neat, too.  The developer is a good guy and will respond to questions and requests.   One negative, I find the paintkit to be difficult to use.  I do not really notice switches that click and don't really do anything -- but I think there may be a few here and there, like the flight data recorder switch, but I'm not going to hold that over on what is otherwise quite an advanced simulation.

I would say if you really want the other variants (-10, -20, -60 -70) then JF is for you, even though I'm pretty sure it lacks the features of the Aerosoft one.  And if you want to highest fidelity one, and don't mind just having the DC-8-50 / 50 cargo, then get the Aerosoft one.  Personally, I'm enough of a DC-8 guy to buy both, but I haven't gotten around to buying the JF one. 



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@vdae I can not emphasize this enough, do NOT get the Justflight DC-8.  Horribly broken even after a few "fixes".  Had a lot of promise with so many variants, but its garbage.  The Aerosoft Diesel 8 has been a lot of fun however.  All the studying you need to do to properly manage the Carousel INS will keep you on your toes enough to make up for lack of functionality on the engineer Panel.  Still tons however to interact with though.

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@JasonPC @qqwertzde @Mace @thibodba57 @Reader

Thank you so much guys! I feel more than convinced to buy the Aerosoft DC-8 now!:happy: Great to hear your experiences with the aircraft- both the Aerosoft and the Just Flight model. Also great to know what to expect from Aerosoft's DC-8 and the plane's systems!👍



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