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Disabling Orbx stuff

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I suffer from low altitude lag long pauses and I was was wanting to know so how to disable orbx scenery which I am not using without uninstalling?

Is it just unticking the sceneries I am not using in the scenery indexes, rebuilding. I.e if I'm in Europe unticking socal and norcal, pnw etc as I'm not there?

Have thought about doing the XML method Matt showed on one of his videos, so you just place the scenery I need to fly but that seems complicated 

Ollie G

System: 8700K O/C@ 5.0Ghz, Asus ROG Strix Z370F MoBo, H100i v2, Gigabyte 1070 XTreme Gaming Edition, 500Gb NuMe (OS), 500 Gb (XP) & 1Tb Samsung 850 SSD (P3D), 4Tb WD HDD as library, Rift S & Touch, Honeycomb Yoke, Saitek throttles and TM TPR rudder pedals

Flight Sims: Xplane & P3D v4.5 HF2 - Orbx Global, Vector, Europe LC & Others, REX TD & SC Enhanced, AS, ASCA, Chaseplane, UK2000 Scenery, FSFX stuff and lots, lots more!

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Just untick any scenery, Orbx or not, that you do not want the simulator to load and

the simulator will redraw the scenery without it.

To see any difference in performance, the simulator would have to be restarted

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Have you seen a Doctor?🤣

Intel i7 6700K @4.3. 32gb Gskill 3200 RAM. Z170x Gigabyte m/b. 28" LG HD monitor. Win 10 Home. 500g Samsung 960 as P3D home. GTX 1080 8gb.

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You can make profiles either with Lorbys P4AOM (free) or with Aerosofts Simstarter, with each you can exclude areas (scenery titles) where you are not flying. I've used both, but prefer Lorbys product. It takes a bit of time time do adjust the settings but when done it is easy to switch before you fire up P3D. Though, I have to add that the benefits are not as big as expected. YMMV.

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- Harry J.

i7-7820X (@4.8 GHz), 32GB RAM (@3467) 2080Ti (3440x1440), SSD 500GB, (Win10x64),  SSDs 1+2 TB (P3Dv5.x + ORBX). FSGlobalNG (mesh), ORBX (Global+OLC, all FTX Regions, all TE products, many Airports), DDscenery (NY, CH, MIA), Airports (FT, FB, FSDT, AS); PMDG (737, 747, 777), MJC DQ400, RA Piston Duke, A2A C172. Weather ASP5. F1 GTN complete. AI Traffic: AIG OCI




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