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Flightbeam's SEQM - not tower controlled

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Is there a way to make this new airport tower controlled? The db sync made it recognized by RC, but not much more than it.

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Except for Win 10 this free Traffic Look application from Pete Dowson at https://forum.simflight.com/topic/66136-useful-additional-programs/ will show AI activity if that  applies to your problem. You apparently have FSUIPC installed already but you can get that updated from:


and be sure to read the notes to determine which version fits with the sim version you are using. This site has both updates and full versions.

If you are using the one in the RC download it is very much outdated.

 You also should update makerwys.exe from that additional programs link. That new makerwys should be installed in your si folder. It will create an f5.csv in your sim folder to replace the makerwys.exe delivered with RC4. After you do that copy the f4.csv you currently have in your rcv4/data folder as a backup to a folder outside of your sim. Then run the RC scenery rebuild again. This new f5.csv is what RCs scenery rebuild will use copying it your  rcv4/data folder as a new f4.csv. The updated makerwys.exe will extract the various frequencies from your installed scenery. Those frequencies determine if RC recognizes the airport as have tower facilities.

You can check the airport comm properties by opening it in an airport editor such as AEX or the freeware Airport Design Editor available from http://www.scruffyduck.org/. Don't use the old AFCAD or AFCAD2 as these can possibly corrupt your scenery bgl files.

Then back up your SEQM scenery file and open its bgl as a bgl direct open in airport design editor it will have a setting to examine various property tables including comm frequencies so you can check for appropriate tower and approach tables.for necessary frequencies. This is to insure the tower and ATC frequencies are in your seqm bgl file that you are using so RC will recognize seqm as a controlled airport.

Here is a display of a traffic look table of running AI that will open outside of a running sim:

https://www.dropbox.com/s/rgvs8o9rk1dhucf/Traffic Look Airborne.jpg?dl=0

Yes, it is complicated.



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Later versions of makerways.exe will create an f4.csv or f5.csv in your root folder of your flight sim. This is pulled from the com frequencies in your installed scenery files. This feature was added at my request by author Pete Dowson (FSUIPC). You could paste a single line from this file into your existing f4/f5 file or use the entire file to replace your original f4/f5 file which is a fixed database in the RC install download.

In the download of make runways there is a readme installed that offers a layout of the fields of all the data files such as r4/r5 csv, the f4/f5 file and others including the format definition of each file type.

I beta tested and worked with Pete on verifying the data. Frequencies are included in the scenery afd (airport facility data) files for each scenery.


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