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What We Want (Part 1)

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Avatar type person with which you can walk from the hangar/ terminal/ ops building over to the aircraft, perform the walkaround, climb steps/ wing-step/ up into the aircraft, seat yourself, etc, without any of this 3rd party Dev addon camera nonsense we have to use at the moment.

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  • Real Flight Dynamics/Physics
  • Real weather dynamics/Physics like real turbelence model,windshear,vortices, real time etc. All weather data must be synchronized from many sources not only from metars.Also you have to rethink about flying through big thunderstrom cells or cancel your flight due to severity.Weather affect aircraft perfomance ex ice accumulation,hail damage etc
  • Environment affects aircraft perfomance ex hot day,high alt airports etc
  • Sloped Runways affect perfomance too
  • Ground Friction model
  • AI flights synchronized with real flight schedules from many sources like flightradar24 etc
  • Realistic Failures Model
  • Realistic Crash model (fire ,broke up wings etc )
  • Contaminated Runways affect perfomance
  • Advanced features for hardcore simmers (ACARS , CPDLC,Multicrew functionality etc open for 3rd party devs)
  • Real time database to update automatically every new change for airports ex new runway ,new building construction -geographically ex magnetic variance etc
  • Updated Navdata
  • Fix the real time bug utc time zone local etc
  • Flying north -south poles easy, north poles routes from us to asia without problems
  • Weather radars depiction up to 320nm and so on ex earth curvature or ground cluster would affect depiction etc
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Mihalis Vele


A3xx series

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Newness and simplicity are what I want to see.  Nothing based on 2006 code should be in here.  Also, the base sim should need less help from add ons to work well.  Great scenery, ATC, weather, flight planning and AI traffic should be part of the sim itself.

When and where add ons are needed (i.e., aircraft), let's have a simple way to add them and update them from within the sim.  It's simply too "messy" now in FSX, P3D, and XP to stay up-to-date. 

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Rick Abshier

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Some great ideas, plus for me:

  • oil rigs/fields with flare stacks
  • random blue light vehicles (fire/police/ems)
  • forest & bush fires/volcanic ash
  • AI helicopter traffic
  • simulation (at least) of HF radio & Oceanic procedures however basic.
  • oh and bird strikes..


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How about UFO sightings, we can always say the were weather balloons. 😎

But Seriously.

True Weather
Updatable NAVAID databases (Including Airports)
True ground / flight model. (Even better than what MS Flight had)
Realistic ATC, Alternate Fields, vectoring, SIDS, STARS (specially for AI)  weather advisors, emergency procedures, etc. Airport communications for smaller fields.
True Runways (the way the really are: sloped, non flat)

An improved SDK, with interfaces for .NET assemblies, not only C++, but C#, Python, VB,  and some of the other fantastic tools included in the Visual Studio.

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- career mode 

- absolutely no reason to tinker with .cfg files

- would also make sense to make it easy to stream on things like YouTube and twitch etc

- busy airports 

- drama

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Built in AI control which is more than a density slider. 

Jacek G.


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- good ATC that's capable of assigning SIDS and STARS

- good night lighting. Realistic distance visibility of streetlights at night

- 3d buildings/autogen streching well into the distance

- editor to import and place buidlings manually, e.g. from sketchup (just in case this new doesn't cover my home town)

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i9-11900K, RTX 3080, 32 GB ram, Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo, TCA Airbus sidestick and quadrant, Reverb G2

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How about scented TP in the aircraft restrooms,  Free booze on every long-range flight,  and I want a pay raise for flying all of these aircraft!:blink:

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Charlie Aron

Awaiting the new Microsoft Flight Sim and the purchase of a new system.  Running a Chromebook for now! :cool:



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A350 the technology is awesome

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  • Gameplay:
    • Missions
      • Avatar to explore things from ground level
    • Career Mode
      • Ability to create a hangar containing your "personal aircraft" at airport of choice.
    • Rewards (X-number of rewards give you credits to buy DLC or bonus DLC content?)
    • Secret scenery/easter eggs
    • Flightlog
    • Flightschool
    • 100-dollar Burger joints at various airports where you can meet other pilots who are online. 
    • "Discover the World" campaigns. Get rewards for visiting all countries, capital cities, wonders etc.
    • Fly historic/record flights
  • Aircraft:
    • Vintage birds like DC-3, Beaver, Harvard, Electra etc.
    • Biz jets
    • Helicopters
  • Other vehicles to operate with decent realism:
    • Boats, ships etc.
    • Cars
  • In addition to ATC, how about some onboard announcements, crew instructions?
  • In-game menu for browsing, purchasing and installing/enabeling/disabeling DLC
  • FSUIPC type system to enable all types of controllers
  • Wonders of the World in superb 3D graphics
  • Link to wikipedia or similar source to learn about the places you fly from/over/to
  • FS Discover type interface that can be turned on/off in flight
  • Good interactive map and flight planner
  • Intuitive and user friendly software to create scenery content (like SimCity, The Sims) so users can create their home town or airport etc.
  • Intuitive and userf riendly software to create repaints of aircraft
  • AI Traffic with real airline liveries
  • Live global weather with on-the fly updates
  • Microsoft hardware peripherals (yokes, TQ, joysticks, G1000, instruments)
  • Interactive checklists
  • Ability to fly into space, use Rockets/Space Shuttle
  • Seasons, at least winter
  • Make all buttons and switches in the cockpit clickable/animated - even if their related systems aren't simulated. 
  • Camera/view system that can be customized. 
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1. ATC with voice recognition (Alexa or Siri type);

2. Major VR platforms support (Oculus, Vivre, etc). Major VR controllers support.

3. Addon management similar to the one Steam has for its games. Full compatibility and automated install and updates.

4. Max addon price to 30 EUR. No 100 EUR addon should be allowed. PMDG either adapt or disappears. They milked this community for far too long.

5. SID, STAR, flight planner. Btw, based on the filed flight plan the texture for that specific area can be preloaded in the FS.

6. Mission development tool.

7. Career mode with goals and aircraft certification progress.

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- Ability to pick a DP and STAR from a drop down list when using the flight planner. That list is update-able.

- Ability to load local time of where the airport is in the world when starting a flight.

-Wear and tear modeling and an option for an economy model. Think Accusim (A2A Simulations P3D/FSX) and Reality Expansion Packs (Sim Coders Xplane)

-Line of sight radio range Like what PilotEdge does with their product as seen in this video https://youtu.be/-5YNGV3UU50

-Ability to start the flight outside of the plane in Avatar mode for a walk around

-Flashlights like in Xplane

-Sloped runways and airports

- Ability to have more key mapping like Xplane like an Ident button which is useful for flying on PilotEdge

-VR support

-Improved ATC for VFR. If a VFR flight plan is created and the user request flight following, then the controllers hand off the pilot to the arriving tower if controlled or to squawk 1200 when landing at an uncontrolled field. 

-AI follows more real world flightplans as compared to direct and use DPs and STARs.

-Ability to pick parking spots

-GSX like ground services

-Better sea plane physics, ability to drift, paddle, moor/dock and not weather vein etc

-Avatar mode allows for ambient sounds like footsteps on various terrain, airport sounds etc. Ambient sounds when the engines are off but not heard when running. Better AI sounds and louder.

-Ability to set sounds to various speakers like how the Majestic Dash 8 Q400 does

-All kinds of lessons from real world instructors with exams


-Better weather for gliders to have ridge lift and thermals

-Ability to direct tow plane to a destination


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A profit system for Microsoft and 3rd party developers that is reasonable for us and them, to get everything or almost everything, on our Wish List 🙂 And keep the core simulator constantly being updated with bug fixes and brand new options down the road as technology changes in the future. For example. we may not get a Career Mode ( or any other wish ) at launch but it is a possibility in the future. Would be cool to launch the flight simulator once in awhile and see NEW core additions 🙂 I have no idea what they would be, but hopefully something on someone's Wish List.

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  • Standard update interface for freeware and payware aircraft, liveries, scenery, shaders, clouds, magnetic variance, runway numbers, et
  • One click or automatic updates of all those items we currently must update to maintain the sim
  • A specific datum for add-on scenery elevation that eliminates the need for tools like AEC and establishes the correct baseline for add-on scenery...
  • Specific rules for where all of these add-ons are placed in the file structure (eliminate the legacy and XML scenery file location issue)
  • MSFT works with the development community to design the interface for updating
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Scott Robinson

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