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The Black Panthers RAAF Sabre - (Milviz F-86F-30)

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The Milviz is well-known for the quality and authenticity of their SIM aircraft. And, their F-86 is one such wonderful plane to fly and experience. However, because of my "un-justified" inclination to not (frequently) fly military aircraft (And, I do own a few good ones...), I had completely forgotten that I'd indeed purchased the MilViz F86 nearly 5 years ago, but have not touched it in as many years (except, maybe, once or twice right after purchase). Today, in my Archive, I spotted it, along with its competent (and, may I add, rather "humorously" written) User Guide. It was great pleasure to just go through that document!

It states: "We know that there are those of us, (I (=author) include myself), who just purchased this aircraft and suddenly find themselves with less than one hour left in their day....So for you, (and you know who you are), here's a quick, cheap and dirty, step-by-step startup of the Milviz F86F30 Saber"....Just what I was looking for today, and it did not fail me (but I surely feel obliged to explore it further in future). BTW, I recall, at least a few folks here own this aircraft, because I do remember seeing images of it here in the past...(please also note that, this product is Prepar3dv4 compatible).

Now a bit about the aircraft, and, specifically, the variant, I'm flying for this post. The North American F-86 Sabre needs no introduction...the first U.S. swept-wing aircraft to successfully counter the incomparable (also swept-wing) MiG-15. The MiG-15, with 18000+ samples produced, remains world's (all-time) most-produced Jet aircraft, and the F-86, too, remains, in the western world, one of the most-produced Jet aircraft, with almost 10000 samples built. BTW, I noted today, that the top 3 most-produced aircraft (of any kind) are the following. I've indicated, below, the 1st 2 letters of each of these 3 aircraft, so you may have a bit of fun filling them in, before looking them up in the (below) interesting Wiki Page:

1. CE....(this one I could've guessed myself)
2. IL....
3. ME....

Now, for this post, the variant I've elected to fly, here, belongs to “Black Panthers” of the 76 Squadron at RAAF (I found it rather interesting to observe the images of both the Red Kangaroo and the Black Panther on this paint - so chose this one). This variant, more correctly, went by the name CAC 27 Sabre, derived from the F-86, but quite different in many of its characteristics. The serial No. is (A94-901), the first production Sabre delivered to RAAF in 1954. This particular specimen is now, fortunately, preserved in the (impressive) HARS Aviation Museum, NSW, Australia. If you wish, you may look up the real picture by going to "Display -> Static Aircraft" in the link below:

(BTW, It may be worth visiting this website just for the striking image of the Connie on its front page, which is also preserved in this Museum and stated to be one of "only two" flying L-1049 Super Constellations in the world!)

Now about the flight: The Gold Coast of Australia is a metropolitan region south of Brisbane on Australia’s east coast - famed for its long sandy beaches, surfing spots and elaborate system of canals and waterways. The Gold Coast is also the name of a coastal city in Queensland, and a major tourist attraction, approximately 40 miles south-southeast of the state capital Brisbane.

So, please find below images of a short flight from Brisbane (YBBN) to Coffs Harbour (YSCH) - southward, tracking the beautiful coastline, and overflying the city of Gold Coast (YBCG) - please see a few included shots of this overfly. Alongside, hopefully, you'll also enjoy these pictures of this illustrious aircraft, at least, as a marvel of early military aviation technology, sometimes claimed and credited to be the first to break the sound-barrier 2 weeks before Chuck Yeager did so in the Bell X-1! And, BTW, the Sabre (neither the original nor the Milviz version) has an Autopilot. So, it involves "real" flying and therefore the pilots who (actually) flew them must be admired for their skills. In the SIM, here, if one has a dedicated military-type controller (which I don't), I'm sure, it could be a source of great deal of flying-fun! Thanks for reading and viewing. [Milviz(F86)/Orbx(AU)/REX]




















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CJ: Yes, great aircraft, indeed. And, I appreciated the kind words!

Matt: It's such a pleasure to be using your repaint here. I enjoyed it much. All your work is fantastic. And, I also realize 2 things:
a) You must've spent countless hours on it, I merely spent a couple of hours flying it...
b) The skin, for me, is as much part of the fun in flying an aircraft (in the SIM) as the plane itself...So, thank you!

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@P_7878 You may want to get the latest installer from Milviz. There are a number of updates in it.

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Great story, as always, P_7878 and very nice screenies !

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