Orbx Central 4 always online ....?

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18 minutes ago, IanHarrison said:


Just to complete the story. I did nothing. The whole update was automatic, Orbx chose the updates.

In "Settings" there's an option to disable automatic updates, and also the options to individually disable automatic updates per specific add-on. So, ORBX would not choose anything unless you let them to decide.

Cheers, Ed

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Does anyone know where the Vector configuration tool is in the new OC?

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I'm back to Central 3. P3D load times are totally unacceptable via xml method.  Also, the scenery priorities are completely jacked, insertion library does not work as intended.  It seems I spend more time fixing things that weren't broken than actual flying. This hobby will be the death of me.  

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You're missing the point.

I know there is a setting to disable any update. What I am saying is that "out of the box" this is what happened with a freshly installed Central.

It updated itself and then found two of my Orbx programs which needed updating and did that with no intervention on my part.

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A perfect example of why XP11 and just putting a simple shortcut to the scenery located anywhere else is simple far superior in my view. I hate this xml stuff.

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On 8/12/2019 at 9:02 PM, AnkH said:

Ok, and you think that you are somewhat representative with 2 (I repeat: two) ORBX products? Of course, with two products, the scenery library order is practically irrelevant, of course with two products, the update process works flawlessly. I think that those BETA tests were performed like this: some beta testers with some products tried the new Central and as it worked, ORBX considered the beta test being successfull.

In reality, most of us have way more than two products. Including global ORBX products such as FTX Global and Vector. And most of us have plenty of other addons mixed with classic and add-on.xml based sceneries. And for those, it does NOT work as it should. Not at all, it results in a utter mess.

And come on: more than 200 threads opened since release all about issues, 4 consecutive patches in 4 days, several times acknowledged by the devs that this and that is not yet working as it should speaks for itself, no? ORBX Central is a mess, a software on a beta status. That it worked out for you is nice, but considering you had two products installed only, this is not much of a surprise...

Happy though that the question about ORBX Central continuing to run in the background is solved. One point off the list, perfect. Thanks for the heads up on this aspect.

Don't get me wrong, I will switch to ORBX Central sooner or later, as it IS the correct approach to finally switch to the add-on.xml based way of scenery installations. But I stick to my opinion that the release was somehow rushed. They should have been waiting some weeks and expand their BETA test a little to avoid this mess...

I have EVERY orbx product for P3D.

Everything updated flawlessly and have had no problems with P3D.

Have not tried to create or move to a new Library as do not need to do this yet and probably won’t for some time.

If there are bugs in this process hopefully they will be sorted out by the time I need to do this.

I love the fact that that orbx keeps everything updated without me having to hunt down and install updates. Pity a lot of other developers don’t do this!


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