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After some uninstall/re-install/patch action I finally got a decent working install on Windows 10 (Pro). The main trick is the DDFIX 1.15.13 Mod.

  • PROs
    • I can now task switch and have no screen corruption while flying.
    • everything runs very fast and smooth.
    • I can tune a lot of the visuals with nVidia Control Panel
  • CONs
    • Task switching while in menu will result in a black screen, but mousing over will reveal click spots.
    • I cannot get it to run in a higher resolution than 1024x768 (always get a complaint of "ERROR: GetFlyScreenMode:can't find any supported screen mode" when I try to set a higher res in cam.cfg)
    • There can be screen flicker in aircraft panel areas and the mouse will create trails on certain gauges, both clear up with some view switching.

Compatibility Mode doesn't seem to affect anything more than sound; without it the engine and effects seem to cut in and out. But my current setting of Windows XP sp3 seems to resolve all of that.

When I get time I will try the Panel fix I've seen posted elsewhere to see if that clears up the flickering and mouse trails.

I would very much like to be able to use native screen res of 1920x1080, but nothing I have tried has resulted in anything better than black/gray screens (FUMode=1 in ddfix.ini).

Hope someone can help get us the rest of the way there.




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Hate to say it, but I had some compatibility issues with running it on Windows XP SP3. It's been a decade since I last had it installed, but IIRC I tried to track down a fix that would let me run it at 720p on my Sony HDTV which had a VGA connector, but I failed. I seem to recall that the 4:3 was hard coded and it wouldn't run at a rez above 1024x768; couldn't even get it to run @ 1280x1024 on my LCD. Other than that, the only thing wrong with it visually was a horizontal line along the dash. I believe there was a fix for that, but not being able to even run it at an optimal resolution on my PC's LCD, I threw in the towel.

Anyhow... I admire your efforts and wish you the best of luck in getting it to run optimally on you gaming rig.

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Yep, I recall 1024 × 768 was hard-coded and is the maximum possible.

After running a single-partition XP VM I never got around to completing the job. Two small hurdles to get over -- my FU3 was so heavily modded I want just to dump a backup straight into the VM so will need 2 logical discs in there, and the VM won't access USB ports in the host hardware so I have to set up a host/VM remote desktop. Neither hurdle is difficult; I'm just lacking enthusiasm.

I might just try KingLobo's suggested mod as the easier option...


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