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[23 May 2021] V2.1 Released ! Change Log Here

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FS2Crew: FS Labs Airbus Change Log:


All updates are built into the main installer only.  To obtain the update, login to your FS2Crew account, click "Completed Orders", re-download and re-install.

There is no need to uninstall the old version first.

The most current version is already on the FS2Crew website. 

If you purchased from a 3rd party seller like Aerosoft, etc., please give them a few days to get the file up on their server.


V2.1 (23 May 2021 - Sharklets Support!)

New Config Options / Features / Fixes:

1. The FO will now turn on the NAV light after starting the APU.    

2. As per user request, a longer pause has been added between "Stand Up", "Go", and "Thrust Set" when doing touch and go circuits practice.

3. It's now possible in Voice Control mode to trigger a go around by speaking "GO AROUND FLAPS" after the aircraft mains have touched the runway during landing, but only before the reversers have been deployed.  You can't initiate a go around after the reversers are out.  Google the PWA crash in Cranbrook, Canada, if you're interested in the reasoning.  

4. The FS2Crew Config Manager was updated to account for the new Sharklets models released recently by FSLabs.


VERY IMPORTANT:  If you manually added the FS2Crew entries by hand to the new Sharklet's panel.cfg (and I know many of you did this), I'm going to ask you to please re-install the Airbus aircraft again.

That should give you original, totally clean, fresh panel.cfg files again with no FS2Crew entries on them.

You can now safely enable FS2Crew for the A319/320/321 models via the FS2Crew Manager.

If you already have FS2Crew entries on the panel.cfg files, it could trip-up our Config Manager when it tries to update your panel.cfg file.

That's why we need your panel.cfg files to be in their original state.

Beyond that, the panel.cfg entries are unchanged, so if you just want to use the ones you already added by hand it's no problem, but it may give the Config Manager problems should you decide to try using the Config Manager.


There is a known issue in the A320 Sharklets model and FS2Crew Version 2.1.  The A320 'Sharklets' model uses a new fuel system that has different buttons in the fuel section on the overhead panel than the other models.

As it stands, the FO will not be able to turn off the right fuel pumps during his shutdown flow in that particular model.  So you need to do that for him.

However, we spoke to Lefteris about this, and in the next Labs update they're going to make it possible for FS2Crew to detect if the new fuel system is being used, so we can adjust accordingly.

I know it's a small issue, but a few beta testers noted it so I thought I'd bring it to your attention.

We'll release a new update after the next FSLabs update to deal with this.


V2.0 (1 April 2021)

New Config Options / Features / Fixes:

1. The FS2Crew Config Manager was updated to account for the changed panel.cfg structure implemented in FS Labs v5.0.1.151 released March 31st, 2021.

If you accidentally 'enabled' FS2Crew on the latest version of the FS Labs prior to installing V2.0 and you've discovered that the FS2Crew Secondary Panel no longer works, please do this:

i) Disable FS2Crew for the Labs via the FS2Crew Config Manager.  That should give you a fresh, original panel.cfg without any FS2Crew entries.

ii) Download FS2Crew for the Labs (V2.0)

iii) Re-enable FS2Crew for the Labs via the FS2Crew Config Manager.  That will re-add the FS2Crew entries to the Lab's panel.cfg file.

If you're finding that you still have problems, the easiest solution is to re-install the FS Labs aircraft again.  That should give you a totally clean panel.cfg file.


V1.9 (18 March 2021)

New Config Options / Features / Fixes:

1. Possible to change modes while "Climb Flow" flashing using arrow buttons on the Main Panel should you ever get stuck.

2. Added a vertical speed condition to the "Cabin Crew Prepare for Landing" PA from the FO/PM to prevent it from accidentally triggering if you put FS2Crew into Descent Mode prior to the Top of the Drop.

3. New Config Options:

i) Option to have a double ding instead of FO saying "Cabin Crew Seats for Takeoff/Landing".  This was based on user request.  Numerous airlines use this method.

ii) Option to not have the FO raise the flaps to only Flaps 1 after landing if the temperature is over 30 degrees.


V1.8 (3 February 2021)

New Config Options / Features / Fixes:

1. Implemented a fix to help users who experienced a non-clean shutdown of P3D when exiting the sim.


V1.7 (20 July 2020)

New Config Options / Features / Fixes:

1. The Pilot Monitoring function became inop.  Version 1.7 fixes it.  This will also fix running the approach brief if you pass control to the PM in cruise.

2. I've reset everyone's download limit on the FS2Crew store.


V1.6 (18 July 2020)

New Config Options / Features / Fixes:

1. Updated config manager to fix possible panel.cfg errors.

2. Bug fixes.


V1.5 (11 July 2020)

New Config Options / Features / Fixes:

1. Prepar 3D V5 Support. 
2. Autobrake MAX option removed from the Approach Brief. 
3. Packs Off Takeoff now works properly if user manually configured for single pack operation during taxi out.
4. New approach option: RNAV (RNP).  Only difference is FO will not press LS on his side during his 10,000 foot flow.
5. ‘Loc Blue’ and ‘Glide Slope Blue’ FMA callout: possibility of double "checked" fixed.
6. "Glide" deviation callout trigger loosened up a bit.  
7. "Brake Check" now available in additional modes as per user request.
8. Setting ND to 10 during Parking Flow now takes into consideration if you're in the left or right seat.
9. New Config options: "User sets TO Trim".  With this option enabled, the FO will not attempt to set the Takeoff trim during his after start flow.  The user must set the trim manually.
10. ‘1000 to go’ call reset for 2nd leg fixed.
11. If config option 'Skip Exterior Inspection' selected, FO will start his Preliminary Cockpit flow immediately.  There will no longer be a delay.
12. FO will now turn the packs on during his Preliminary Cockpit Prep flow (Ground air cannot be connected).
13. New Config Option: Landing lights off/on at 10K/ Gear up and gear down/ Flaps up and 10K
14. GSX Level 2 integration: Pilot models disabled; they will no longer walk the plane with the animated passengers.


V1.4 (20 January 2020)

New Fixes:

1. Pilot Monitoring takeoffs fixed.

2. New alternate voice command for calling for the approach briefing.  Alternate command is: "READY FOR THE BRIEF?"


V1.3 (18 January 2020)

New Config Options / Features / Fixes:

1. New Departure Brief Option to leave Flaps Up if taxing to a de-icing station.

2. Reset audio option revamped on the Audio Page.  It's vastly more robust now.  If you ever find your FO audio has dropped, press this button to restore your audio.  Audio can drop if your audio connection drops.  This is usually the result of your headset going to sleep.  It's a somewhat common problem if using a wireless/ Bluetooth headset.

3. New autobrake option: OFF

4. Female Pilot Monitoring's voice file for "After Landing Checklist" fixed.


V1.2 (2 November 2019)

New Voice Set:

1. US female FO/PM.  Accent region name:  NA (North America)

New Config Options / Features:

1. UGCX integration Part 1.  When UGCX "voice control" is enabled 
for your aircraft profile, FS2Crew will no longer respond to the
"Ground from Cockpit Voice Command".  Accordingly, you no longer need
to press "Hard Mute" on the FS2Crew Main panel to avoid trigger two
different sets of ramp agents.

2. UGCX integration Part 2. When using hand-signals in the non-pushback
scenario UGCX menu, the UGCX ramp agent will remove the GPU 
and chocks on the FS Labs Airbus as requested.

3. New config option to toggle no smoking signs at 10K during climb and descent.

4. New config option so PM disarms the ground spoiler and turns off the runway turnoff
and nose light after gear selected up.


1. Config 1000 Feet callout issues when changing Secondary Panel displays.

2. Config 'Runway in Sight' option fixed.

3. Flaps selection during PM's after landing flow when temps above 30 degrees.

4. New change: When calling for taxi light off, the PM will also turn off the runway turn off lights at the same time.



V1.1 (16 August, 2019)

1. The Trailer has finally arrived!  Better late than never 🙂


2. Voice commands “YOU HAVE CONTROL” / “I HAVE CONTROL” now functional in CRUISE MODE.
Be careful though, because you will switch from PF to PM modes. So do not forget to pass or
take control back depending on which tutorial you are flying.
3. APU bleed in Parking Checklist: “OFF” now accepted as a possible response.
4. “PRESSURE ZERO” response for the brake check. 2 second pause added.
5. “BANK” deviation callout will no longer play on a Visual Approach.
6. “SINK RATE” deviation callout: Wiggle room added. Trigger is now 1200 feet instead of 1000.
7. Restore packs at Flaps 0 option fixed.
8. Start Taxi Flow manually Config Option fixed.
9. PM Takeoff fixed: PF will correctly set the thrust levers to the CLB detent if doing a Flex takeoff.
10. 10K descent and climb flow: Crew will set EFIS Range correctly.
11. If “USER STARTS APU (PREFLIGHT)” config option set to YES, power-up delay for the FWC test
increased to 80 seconds prior the fire test.
12. “START THE APU PLEASE” command will now work on taxi in even if APU master is ON.
13. Removed possibility of FMGS check playing twice in climb flow.
14. Passing Altitude X Config Option fixed for the descent phase. Passing Altitude should no longer
play if selected.


1. Speech Recognizer Language setting in Windows Control Panel ‘Advanced Speech Properties’ may now be set to ENGLISH UK, ENGLISH CA, ENGLISH AU or ENGLISH IN (INDIA). Previously all users had to set their speech recognizer to ENGLISH – US, even if they were in the UK.  Example showing ENGLISH – UK. This setting may now be accepted!
2. New experimental Voice Set option ->CREW REGION: DE (HEADSET FILTER). The entire PM and PF voice set was run through a headset filter. 
3. “BlackBox’s” German PM voice set has been re-recorded. He sounds smoother and less robotic now.
4. PM will now turn on Wing Lights prior to walkaround at night.
5. BEFORE PUSHBACK OR START flow will now self-trigger at time remaining zero if you do not call ATC to request start clearance.
6. Flying as the “PILOT MONITORING” has been greatly improved, especially in the takeoff and climb phase. IMPORTANT: Thrust Reduction and Acceleration altitudes must be entered as
shown on the MCDU as Above Sea Level Values, not AGL. Just transfer the numbers directly over to FS2Crew’s Departure Page.
7. PM will now properly set TOGA if flying as the PF and TOGA selected on the Departure Brief Page.
8. You may now retake control if flying the Pilot Monitoring tutorial by saying “I HAVE CONTROL” in any other mode than CRUISE MODE. You will then revert to being the PILOT FLYING (PF).
9. The PM will now wait 60 seconds after GPU power established prior to continuing his flow so the FWC has time to properly power up.
10. Audio Test will now play through speakers and headset.
11. PM will now properly set CSTR on his EFIS panel during the cockpit setup phase.
12. PM’s ND range will be set 160 NM during the 10,000 foot flow in climb and 20 NM during the descent.


1. Option not to run the Alternate Brake test in the PRELIMINARY COCKPIT PREPARATION flow.
2. Option to skip the 10,000 foot climb and descent flow altogether.
3. Option to not have PM turn weather radar on during his TAXI flow.
4. Option to have PM restore Pack 2 after a Packs Off takeoff when the Flaps are retracted rather than 10 seconds after Pack 1 is restored.
5. Option to play an ambient passenger boarding sound during the Pre-Flight events.
6. Option not to have the PM perform his TAXI FLOW immediately after performing his Flight Controls check (VOICE CONTROL ONLY). In this case, you’d need to make ask the PM to start his TAXI FLOW manually by speaking: “TAXI PROCEDURE PLEASE”.
7. Option to have TCAS set to ALL in the Cruise Phrase, and then back to BELOW at 10,000 feet in the descent.
8. Option not to auto-save V1, VR and V2.
9. Option for “Silent” AFTER LANDING CHECKLIST.
10. Option for ASDEX (good for on-line ATC users).
11. Option so user controls cockpit lighting.
12. Option for user to control the BRAKE FAN manually during the PARKING FLOW.


2. “AFTER START PROCEDURE” (Triggers PM to start his AFTER START flow).
3. “TAXI PROCEDURE PLEASE” (Triggers PM to start his TAXI flow.)
4. “BIRD ON” (Typically the Bird would be selected on a Selected-Selected Non-Precision Approach after being cleared for the approach).
5. “CABIN SECURE” (Crew Resource Management – Airline Specific).
6. “CLEARED FOR TAKEOFF” (Crew Resource Management).
7. “CLEARED TO LAND” (Crew Resource Management).
8. “CLEARED FOR THE APPROACH” (Crew Resource Management).
9. For the PARKING BRAKE challenge in the BEFORE START CHECKLIST, you may now also say “SET RELEASED” instead of just “ON / OFF”.
10. For the FMGS challenges in the climb flow, you may now speak “YES” in addition to “AFFIRM”, etc.

11. New overhead commands:





1. Runway Confirmations if using RAAS and the runway started with a 0.
2. CTD on exiting P3D.
3. Wiper off command.
4. Runway turn off light voice command logic improved.
5. If APU taxi option set to NO, PM will no longer turn on the APU bleed if the APU Master is not On.
6. If HARD or SOFT MUTE enabled, FA will not respond to voice commands.
7. PM will no longer call “LOC” deviations on a Non-Precision NDB approach.
8. If flying the PM tutorial, the PF will no longer repeat the altimeter setting twice when passing the Transition Level.
9. If flying as the PM, the PF will now apply nose down elevator during the takeoff roll until 100 knots.
10. Some config options auto changed unintentionally when you ran the Pre-Flight Events. This is now fixed.
11. “CRUISING FLIGHT LEVEL XXX” RVSM callout and actions fixed.


Edited by byork
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Great, thanks for the new version! 

After one flight, and two with Beta2, Voice Control Version, I have some questions :

1. The flight controls check. I have a Thrustmaster T16000M. Calibration checked. PM responds perfectly to aileron and rudder, but when even slightly moving the elevator, he responds immediately with full up - full right - neutral all at once. Any idea what might cause this? 

2. Before Takeoff Checklist - V1VRV2 FLX Temp. 

I tried everything so say it correctly, all V Speeds followed by e.g. FLEX58 or FLEX5-8. PM always responds with V1 0, Vr 0, V2 0, Toga. 

Could you give a hint how exactly that phrase needs to be said? 

3. Very minor issue I'm using the DE Headset voiceset with the Blackbox voice. Very nice, just the girl with the Loadsheet sounds very weird. Somewhat far away from German or European accent. It sounds American. Could be something from wrong Voiceset went in? 


Everything else worked perfectly. Great product!! 


1. A320 home cockpit (FSLabs, Skalarki), P3Dv5  Main PC : I7-12700K, GTX3080Ti

2. FSLabs A3xx, P3Dv5. Gigabyte Aorus 17G YC, I7-10700K, RTX 3080

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Glad you like it!


1. What order are you doing the flight control check it?

It should be elevator first... full back, then full forward.

Then aileron... full left aileron, then full right aileron.

Then rudder.

All in that order.


2. Did you enter the V speeds on the Departure Brief page?  I'm guessing not 🙂


3. Loadsheet girl is ground staff and not a flight crew member, so it depends what country you're in.  You're probably in the US or Canada if she has an American accent.


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Thanks for your info! Ouch, yes, indeed I had forgotten to enter the values on the DEP Page. 

I disconnected the stick and reconnected again, works now. For some reason Elevator was reversed yesterday. 

The apparently American Loadsheet girl is still not clear. I'm in Germany and all my Flights start at Frankfurt EDDF. 

1. A320 home cockpit (FSLabs, Skalarki), P3Dv5  Main PC : I7-12700K, GTX3080Ti

2. FSLabs A3xx, P3Dv5. Gigabyte Aorus 17G YC, I7-10700K, RTX 3080

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Glad you got 1 and 2 sorted.

I'd have to check the sound files, but a lot of Germans nowadays have almost American accents when they speak English.


I just listed to the EU loadsheet female voice.  To my ears, she doesn't have an American accent, but I could see some people thinking she does.


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1 hour ago, byork said:

for my ears, she doesn't have an American accent, but I could see some people thinking she does.



Well, yes. When that voice appeared the first time, even my wife (she's not into flight simming at all)., looked at me somewhat puzzled and asking me "what was that". 

Anyway, no big deal at all. 

1. A320 home cockpit (FSLabs, Skalarki), P3Dv5  Main PC : I7-12700K, GTX3080Ti

2. FSLabs A3xx, P3Dv5. Gigabyte Aorus 17G YC, I7-10700K, RTX 3080

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A cruise PA defiantly needs to be added, it's the only thing i feel like is missing, also, you could add a voice line in when doors are disarmed and the FM rings the flight deck to check the door status as this is true to my airline 🙂 

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10 hours ago, davidnorfolk96 said:

A cruise PA defiantly needs to be added, it's the only thing i feel like is missing, also, you could add a voice line in when doors are disarmed and the FM rings the flight deck to check the door status as this is true to my airline 🙂 

A voice line in?  I know what you mean.

We can't read when that event happens, but there's still a CRM call you should should make... it's optional:


Other pilot will go "Check".


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Hi, Thanks for the update and this awesome product!

Is there a command to connect/disconect ground conditioning air unit? Sorry but I didn`t find anything about it in the manual.


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I noticed that in V1.1 the pilot is not switching tcas to TA\RA after switching on TO nose light, I have to do it myself before takeoff, am I doing something wrong?

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47 minutes ago, byork said:

Is the Before Takeoff flow triggering?  Are the other items being performed?


Yes, it's triggering and the pilot is doing all the items except for tcas

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Nope, it's V1.1, and the a\c is up to date as well, it didn't happen to me in the previous versions, I'll try to re-install. 

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