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Flight Control Replay

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For a while I have wanted a recorder like the old FS Recorder for FSX, or the built in Xplane11 recorder that records flights whether you like them or not, you get to choose if you want to save the recording.  I like these recordings because if I have a great flight, especially a VFR, hand flown flight, I like to watch it from all angles, like spot view, wing view and so on.  I decided to try Flight Control Replay because it seemed simple, not too many bells and whistles, and given the price around $14 US once converted from Euros, why not?

I am very pleased with it, vs P3D4.5's own video recorder.  P3DV4.5's video recorder is stuttery on playback, and it misses some state data.  Flight Control Replay is not, the playback is as smooth as the flight you have flown, the files are not too big, and unlike P3D throwing them on Onedrive, you can choose where the files can go.  Even if there is a hack to change the P3D native recordings to another place, Flight Control Replay is simply a must have, with a simple and intuitive interface, you have two choices, an add-on drop down in P3D itself, or their default GUI which is slick and clean.

State data such as gear, aileron and elevator movements are saved, and they look good on playback, not perfect but good enough.

The program must be run in admin mode, otherwise it will not save the recordings.  It does not crash, but it does not tell you the recording was lost, so I made a shortcut and assigned admin privileges to the shortcut, so I would not forget.

I hope this recommendation helps those who want a way to review their flights, their flight performance, and so on.  FS Recorder was an inspiration for FSX, its author worked with me for Landclass Assistant, I used his hooks into FS9 and FSX to make Landclass Assistant interface with those programs.  But Landclass Assistant is not needed for P3DV4.5 given the ample Ortho/Orbx/MSE and free photo coverage, even my Colorado photo scenery in our library works with P3DV4.5, but I replaced it with the better MSE V3 scenery recently, you get what you pay for, lol....


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Hi John,

after buying a new rig and get all stuff sorted meanwhile, I am also looking for a FSRecorder replacement. Your suggestion sounds good - but how about recording helos?

How are the features like "play your flight as AI" for formation flights? Do you have any experiences now within the last months?

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I've been using Chase Plane experimental feature for Replay and it seems to work perfect.

At the moment you can record up to 1200 seconds (20 minutes). In fact its kinda a Replay system, not really a recording one, since you dont ever need to hit the Record button. So it will replay 20 minutes-past.



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